5 top tips for creating great copy

Written on the 30 September 2014 by Snap Marketing

Whether you're creating the copy for your website or simply an email to clients, copywriting is an essential element for any small business. It's vital to select your words carefully. Clever, punchy copy that is error-free creates the best impact for your business.

Here's Snap's 5 top tips for creating great copy

1. A strong headline

A compelling headline will entice your readers. Once they're hooked, they'll continue reading, which should result in an action that will benefit you.

You don't need to use puns or alliteration (unless it works). In fact, often the punchiest headlines are direct ones. Think Buy a burger and get a free coke or How to write good copy. The most important thing is that they are attention-grabbing.

A good headline should promise a reward that the body copy then delivers.

2. What's in it for them?

Always remember who your readers are and why they are reading what you're writing. This will dictate your tone, the language you use and your subject matter.

Make the reader an offer they can't refuse and then highlight the key benefits to whatever it is you're selling or saying.

3. Keep it simple

The best copy is clear and concise. Don't bamboozle your readers with big words and long, rambling sentences. Simple language, using short, sharp sentences in a conversational tone works best.

Break your copy up into easily digestible parts. Use bullet points and lists and space out your paragraphs.

4. Be correct

Demonstrate credibility by supporting any claims using statistics and references.

Be correct in your spelling and punctuation too. There is nothing more off-putting than a flyer riddled with spelling mistakes or poor grammar on a poster. It screams, "I'm unprofessional!"

Proofread all your copy several times. If you can, get other people to proofread it as well.

5. Structure

Make your promise in the beginning and then support that promise with evidence throughout the rest of your copy. Sum up your copy by demonstrating how you have delivered on your promise.

Copywriting is about connecting with your audience and expressing your message clearly. Structured, concise and accurate copy gets results every time.

If you want help writing copy or any other aspect of work relating to print, design or websites for your business, contact your local Snap Centre.


Author:Snap Marketing
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