10 red hot summer marketing ideas

Written on the 29 October 2015 by Snap Marketing

When the weather heats up, some businesses prepare for a summer slow-down.

Many small to medium size businesses think that Christmas, school holidays and other distractions will mean a quiet period before everyone gets their heads down again in the New Year. In truth, there are many ways to rev up your marketing and promotional efforts to ensure your business grows even faster during the summer period.

Here are some sure fire ways to keep your business busy all the way through summer:

1. Re-assess everything! Think new. We're all inclined to let our marketing efforts slide after a period of time. We get into a routine and assume that what has worked before will keep on working.

If only life was really that easy. The reality is that your clients and potential customers are likely to become bored with seeing the same message over and over.

A new idea, a new colour, an updated offer or a summer promotion can all rev up your opportunities and tell the world your business doesn't stand still. Even if you have some compelling and proven marketing messages, people like to see them presented in a new, fresh way.

2. Update your website. It might seem like yesterday, but websites can date faster than, well, yesterday's news. The chances are your website actually does contain plenty of old news and not enough about what you did last month, or what you intend to do very soon.

The answer might be a website refresh, rather than a massive re-build. Some new fonts, dynamic visuals and interesting new stories might transform your online presence without having to spend a fortune.

3. Go social. Yes, social media can be scary, but it becomes much easier after you've dipped your toe in the water and given it a try.

You can engage closely with your customers, learn what they like (and don't like), you can target customers more accurately, discover a new audience, receive feedback instantly, improve your website ranking, create meaningful client relationships and increase brand awareness for very little money.

If you're not embracing social media already, you're missing out.

4. Remember your blog? We can all forget about our blog, but we know we shouldn't. Life and work pressures can easily allow us to forget how important it can be as a business tool.

Spend some time posting new topics and make sure your partners and staff all contribute to ease the load.

5. Discover new markets. Do you really target ALL your potential clients or customers? Just spend some time thinking about who else might be interested in how your business can help them.

The chances are you'll quickly identify new market segments when you put your thinking cap on for a while. Or, why not aim specifically at a different market to test the waters? This can be a good way to find new customers without blowing too much of your budget.

6. Create news. It doesn't matter if you make widgets, sell muffins or provide professional services, clients are reassured by updates about what your business is doing, so provide information and news whenever possible.

Do people know how you make such great widgets? Why not tell them? Shouldn't the world know about those exciting new muffin flavours you now sell? Shouldn't your clients know about industry changes from you, rather then your rivals?

You have news to tell, you just need to think about what it is! Be a newsmaker and throw the spotlight on your business.

7. Get personal with your clients. Don't be shy. Get out there and talk to your customers any way you can.

You can invite them to lunch, or perhaps to a sports event you think they'll enjoy. Tell them what your business is doing or, if you know them well, ask how they are and get an update on their latest news.

People are gregarious creatures (well mostly) and they like to know that you have been thinking about them.

8. Build loyalty with a Loyalty Card. Loyalty cards are economical and they can be very effective, from a marketing perspective, they are a no-brainer. If your business lends itself to providing loyalty cards to its customers, you really should put it on your 'to do' list.

Sure, they're not exactly cutting edge, but if they help build your business, who cares?

9. PR are you doing it properly? Nearly every business needs good PR, so make sure you get some. You can do it yourself if you have good contacts, but most of the time a professional PR person is the answer because they make it their business to know how to get stories out there.

You only have to get one story out there and, all of a sudden, lots of people want to talk to you, or will have a reason to call you up.

10.  Give away something free. Everybody likes something they don't have to pay for and most businesses can make themselves popular quite easily when they offer something for nothing.

Now, if you're in a retail business, the opportunities to be generous might seem very easy free xx with every three purchased. E.g., a free tie, with two shirt purchased, and so on. Nevertheless, other businesses can think free too. You might invite clients to an industry event, or to a seminar for example.

Even if giving something free costs you something, the value to your business is likely to be much more valuable in the long term.

Think of these ideas as a way of re-igniting your business. Start implementing some or all of them and you could soon be on your way to enjoying your most successful summer ever.


Author:Snap Marketing
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