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Eye-catching product labels - how to woo customers in a crowd

Published: 23 October 2017
Eye-catching product labels - how to woo customers in a crowd
As much as we like to believe it's what's on the inside that counts when it comes to products on shelves or e-commerce pages, looks really do matter. Especially an alluring label. 

A recent research study in the UK found that persuasive labels add character and relevance to an item. Plus:

  • an emotive image made people spend 13% longer looking at the product
  • an emotive word like 'enjoy', encouraged consumers to look at the product for 10% longer
  • special messages like 'Just for you' or 'What's inside?' increased the response by 43%.

So it pays to invest time and effort into your label

The right label has the power to:

  • Attract customers
    Even on a crowded supermarket shelf, a unique label has the power to quickly capture the attention of a potential buyer.

    Especially those who have no strong brand loyalty, are browsing for something different, or see a label that reflects their personality preference (quirky, traditional, luxurious, value, etc)
  • Prompting repeat purchases
    Once people have tried a product and like it, a familiar label will be recognised by the subconscious before someone sees it.

    Those milliseconds of the label calling "Hey over here, good to see you again" give your product a precious advantage.
  • Retain brand loyalists
    Once you have customers who love your product and what it stands for, they want to show you off in their shopping basket, at home or in the office. They feel good about your product and how you reflect on them. 

6 elements of captivating, persuasive labels

  • Uniqueness
    An original theme that helps the product stand out on a crowded shelf or web page. Creative use of colours, graphics and finishes can boost the initial audience connection and recall later.
  • Relatable
    Your label needs to relate to the character of the product and your brand philosophy.

    After all, having a funky label for a heritage-driven product or an artistic treatment for a new world item is destined for failure. So, while creating a unique label, ensure that it also resonates with what's on the inside.
  • Emotive labelling
    Research says that 50% of every buying decision is driven by emotion. Consumers rely on emotions, rather than information, to make brand decisions. For example, emotive words like love or adding an emotive image can increase consumer engagement.
  • Eye-catching
    Design elements are critical components individually and as a composite result, they produce. Using bright colours and shades can reap excellent results. Likewise, the ease of reading a particular font in its right size and dimensions of the overall label can make all the difference to sales.
  • Variety
    Your brand could have multiple offerings and a product itself could come in various dimensions. Without deviating from a set design philosophy, playing with subtle variations in dimensions can perk up the packaging without confusing your customer.
  • Quality
    Finally, if you want your product to be perceived as a high quality one, it needs to be reflected in the label. From the appearance to the texture to the touch, you label is the sales star that has to persuade a potential buyer to take a good look at your product. That means holding the promise of something exciting and worthwhile inside.

So, while no product will last long if it doesn't satisfy customer needs, label looks can play a big part in winning over your audience.

If you need some expert help with label design and printing, talk to your local Snap Centre.

Author:Snap Marketing
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