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Why print magazines are back in vogue

Published: 15 March 2017
Why print magazines are back in vogue

Thought print magazines were a thing of bygone days? Ponder again. While many big publications and newspapers struggle to maintain their heyday audiences, savvy and small magazine publishers and businesses are seeing readership skyrocket.

How? By building a legion of loyal readers who love to feel, flick through and get lost in their exclusive, specialist content.

For example:

  • Air BnB's 18,000 run Pineapple magazine (free for hosts and sold at bookstores)
  • Porter fashion magazine circulated to 150,000
  • Surfing lifestyle magazine, Saturdays, that sells for $25

But do people read print in the age of digital? Yes. Research shows that:

  • magazine readers spend up to 20 to 25 minutes pouring through it.
  • webpage readers only stick around for a couple of minutes (if it's really impressive)

So why the rekindled passion for print magazines?

Highly targeted audiences love them

Even with the popularity of the web, print magazines are proving a powerful and necessary component when it comes to niche interests. In anything these days, you have to give your busy and impatient audience things they're really interested in.

Specialised magazines are successfully thriving because they provide knowledgeable and passionate readers exactly what they want. In an exclusive environment.

Print plays on the nostalgia heartstrings

People love retro stuff. Some because it reminds them of their younger years. Others because they romanticise eras before they were born.

Print magazines are like vinyl records in that way - plus, there is certain status associated with rarity. And like a record, magazines look cool on your coffee table or in your hands riding on the bus.

Young people are fascinated by print too

There's no disputing that youth love their technology. But old school is cool and fascinating when it comes to print and younger audiences. Research shows that millennials read more printed magazines than online versions, and engage more with all kinds of print material.

A print article is more pleasurable to read

The tangibility of print - being able to see, smell, feel and flick through the magazine is a wonderful experience - sometimes relaxing, sometimes exciting, depending on the content.

Digital pieces certainly have their place and with the advent of video and interactive pages, can be super exciting. However, many online pieces sit in a 2D world on a glary screen that isn't comfortable to read - and the devices don't feel nearly as good in your hands.

They can be used to boost loyalty, sales and revenue

Like a well designed calling card, a fine magazine can bring in both readers and advertisers. Especially a highly targeted publication that your audience cares about and positions the publisher as a subject expert.

Some publishers, such as Porter, use magazines to share ideas and build a strong bond with readers. Saturdays use it as part of a mix to grow their subscriber base and revenue. Pineapple is part of a content marketing strategy designed to inspire people to travel and host.

You can track conversions very easily now

A print magazine can be a useful source of generating not just interest but measurable enquiries. Using a call to action you can track back an enquiry or a transaction to your magazine even to a particular issue or page.

This could always be done through the use of cut out coupons. But now, by including unique urls for every promotion and directing people to targeted landing pages, you can pinpoint measure the effectiveness and ROI of your magazine marketing.

Could a print magazine work for your business?

Creating, producing and sending out print magazines to loyal customers can be a very powerful and memorable way to develop a physical presence in their world.

If your target audience is passionate about the products and services you offer, or the lifestyle around those products and services, a small run, smartly-positioned print magazine filled with valuable content can give you an advantage that competitors will never match.

Of course, it's not for every business.

However, every business wants customers, especially loyal repeat customers. So a print magazine could be a way to grow your base of brand ambassadors and sales.

If you'd like to understand more about print magazine options - either one off or regular publication options get in touch with your local Snap printing and marketing expert.

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