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What to include in your eNewletters

Published: 25 June 2013
What to include in your eNewletters

Successful business eNewsletters

While great design, an enticing subject line and abiding by the CAN-SPAM Act (a law that sets the rules for commercial emails in Australia) are important elements of your business eNewsletter, it's the content that will really define its success. No matter how regularly you send an eNewsletter to your subscribers, ensure you have a plan for what to include in each issue.

Write for your audience

It's likely that the people signed up for your eNewsletter are already clients, so there's no need for a hard sales push (though an exclusive deal or discount can always entice). Instead, use the platform to remind people of your company and its expertise. An interesting article free of a sales pitch is much more likely to be read and shared.

Include a variety of topics

While you may want to stick to topics close to your industry, if you always write about the same thing people may get bored. Make sure there's a surprise or hook in each eNewsletter or you may start to see subscriber numbers dip.


Once you've hit 'send', there's no recalling the eNewsletter that you've sent to everyone on your list. That typo or statistical mistake may be small, but it does take away from the professionalism and credibility of your business communications. Make sure you (and where possible another member of staff) always proofread thoroughly and test how the eNewsletter will look before it's sent.

Be social

Be sure to include social media icons in your eNewsletter. They encourage readers to share and like articles and may attract new subscribers as a result. Also try to include one or two related links as they will help drive traffic back to your company website.

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