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What do business card design colours say about you?

Published: 4 April 2018
What do business card design colours say about you?

If you're a fan of beautiful business card designs, you already know the impact that spellbinding finishes can have when you hand them out to important new contacts.

But what about business card colour choices? How much can they influence people's perception of you and your business?

Psychology tells us, "Quite a lot"

Colours have a powerful subconscious effect on our thinking.

A study in Canada called the "Impact of color on marketing," found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products are based on colour alone. That's pretty remarkable.

Of course, many things can sway views on colour -  personal preferences, past experiences, cultural influence, etc.

But with numbers like that, it's safe to say you should put some thought in to your business card colours before you design your own, or leave it to an expert.

What colour business cards should I choose?

Just like when you're creating a new brand or logo, the colours you choose for your card design should reflect the personality of your business. In other words, the way you want people to view you and think about you.
Here's what eight different colours often suggest to our brains. 

Note: It doesn't mean we make all of these associations with each of these colours or that you should only choose these colours to convey a feeling.

Think of it more as a general guide to get you started in the right direction.

Blue on business card designs

Dark blue:

  • Suggests honest, professional, responsible, serious, conservative
  • Good for counselors, financial advisors, insurance, transport, etc

Light blue:

  • Suggests calm, tranquil, physical and mental relaxation
  • Good for travel agents, day spas, trainers, health practitioners

Examples Facebook, Ford, JP Morgan, Skype, American Express

Green on business card designs:

  • Suggests nature, freedom, healing, nurturing, growth and wealth
  • Good for eco-businesses, landscapers, charities, real estate

Examples AnimalPlanet, Android, Starbucks, Land Rover, Oxfam

Brown on business card designs

  • Suggests conventional, earthy, real, stable and supportive
  • Good for businesses in organic, landscaping, farming

Examples Guinness, UPS, Hershey's, Alexander's Natural & Vegan

Orange on business card designs

  • Suggests sincerity, creativity, vitality, optimism, affordable quality
  • Good for businesses in food, restaurants, community groups, adventure, gyms

Examples Amazon, Fanta, Nickelodeon, Hooters

Red on business card designs

  • Suggests extroverted, enthusiasm, speed, passion, danger, love
  • Good for fast food, quick turnover sales businesses, exciting brands

Examples McDonalds, Netflix, The Rolling Stones, Target, Virgin

Yellow on business card designs

  • Suggests happiness, pleasure, enthusiasm, fast, easy, optimism, new ideas
  • Good for journalists, scientists, entertainers, quick turnaround businesses

Examples IKEA, National Geographic, DHL, Hertz and, of course, Snap!

Black on business cards

  • Suggests mystery, power, sophistication, elegance
  • Good for VIP, secretive, protective, authoritive businesses

Examples Gucci, Business Insider, Nike, Bentley

White on business cards

  • Suggests purity, fresh start, clarity, safe and conservative
  • Good for dental and medical, bridal, kitchen, hi-tech businesses

Examples World Wildlife Fund, Apple and millions more with some white area.

There's no doubt that colours play a vital role in your business card design and overall brand. But they are only one element. 

The perfect card for you brings together the right colours, fonts, size, shape and finishes.

If you need some help designing and printing a card that leaves the impression you're looking for, drop in and see a business card expert at your local Snap Centre.

Author:Snap Marketing
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