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Homepages that hook clients

Published: 10 December 2013
Homepages that hook clients

Create a homepage that grabs attention immediately

With over 1.6 billion pages on the web, crafting a homepage that grabs and holds the attention of your clients online is a difficult task. But it's possible with the right ingredients. Create a homepage that will hook clients by ticking off these three steps.

  1. Cover the essentials

Your homepage first and foremost needs to function as your business's online calling card. Before your viewer decides to actively engage with your page, they will first decide whether your site is trustworthy. Can your visitor tell what your business is offering? Gain your reader's trust by ensuring that your homepage includes:

  • Your business logo.
  • Contact details.
  • A helpful and concise blurb that explains your services or offerings.
  • Connections to your social media profiles.
  • A sign-up function.
  1. Eye-catching design

Once your viewers can trust your site, your next hurdle is holding their attention. By creating a web design that marries images, texts and colours in an interesting and unique way, you have the potential to create a captivating viewing experience. Bigger and louder is not always better, however, so keep in mind that the 'less is more' philosophy is quite often better online.

  1. Speak to your audience

Pay close attention to the language you use on your homepage quality matters. Are the terms you use reflective of your business focus, values and personality? If your client can identify with your online voice whether it's quirky or straight-talking you can earn trust with new clients. Use phrases that will increase interest in what you have to say and ensure everything you say matters.

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