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Five reasons your website needs SEO

Published: 23 November 2015
Five reasons your website needs SEO

Heard the rumours that SEO is dead? Think again.

There are still big benefits to be had for small businesses when it comes to SEO, and we have five great reasons for investing in a campaign.

1. Optimisation is affordable

You can ensure your website is SEO friendly for a surprisingly small price especially if you're a small business with a small site, or you're building your platform from scratch. Also, when you compare the price to other digital add-ons, such as paid social media campaigns, you'll see some major savings.

2. Mobile clients revolutionise search

What's more, with Australian smartphone penetration at nearly 90 per cent, the increasingly mobile nature of clients has given SEO a whole new lease of life. Now you can target potential buyers with local search optimisation that helps you home in on clients that are nearby.

3. Ignoring SEO has a knock-on effect

You may look at your current search rankings and decide you're not doing too badly maybe you can afford to ignore SEO, after all. The thing is, search engines are constantly evolving, tweaking algorithms and making changes to provide the best possible results. With this in mind, if you fail to engage, you could find your business slipping further and further down the search listings.

4. Search is about more than text

SEO feels as though it's tied to pages of content, but these days that's far from the truth. Think about the fact that not only is YouTube owned by Google, it's actually the second-largest search engine, and the fourth-biggest website in Australia. While keywords remain the best way to make video and audio files findable, SEO is about much more than text files.

5. People are still searching

The most important thing to remember about SEO is that it's the best way to increase the chances of people finding you when they search for keywords related to your business. Everyone uses their phones, computers and tablets to search for services and businesses, so don't neglect SEO and let them find your competitors first.

The better your overall strategy, the more likely it is that Google and other search engines will look favourably upon your website and the higher your volume of organic search traffic.

For help wrapping your head around an essential SEO strategy, contact your local Snap Centre.


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