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2015 forecast for web design trends

Published: 21 January 2015
2015 forecast for web design trends

As with any form of fashion or design, websites go through trends and seasons.

Looking through web archives, it's evident that design elements have greatly progressed. And in 2015, we're likely to see further changes and developments.

Increased mobile usage

With smartphone use constantly on the rise and phone screens getting bigger and bigger, mobile browsing is a trend that seems set to increase. Companies that still don't have a dedicated mobile site, or at least a responsive design, are going to wind up being shunned in favour of competitors with a more user-friendly website.

Flat design

Flat design essentially a pared-down design with few colours and minimal effects came to the world's attention with the release of Windows 8, and large companies such as Google soon followed suit. More websites and apps are now following this trend, which is likely to explode in 2015.

New fonts

While Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana have a huge foothold on the web, cheaper font prices or free, thanks to Google Fonts and a bigger desire to stand out has seen many sites move away from traditional fonts. Opting for a new, more unique font and using it across all your marketing materials can help give your company a new identity. However, be sure to thoroughly test a font for readability before making the change.

More one-page sites

In 2014, we saw an increase in websites that consisted of just one page and involved a lot of scrolling to get to all the information. This allowed designers to have a bit more fun with their work and introduce things such as parallax scrolling while giving users something inventive to use.

Bigger and better images

Image sliders are on the way out, often replaced with one large hero image at the top of a page or as a full background. These pictures obviously need to be high quality, and they're going to be even more plentiful in 2015 just as well-produced infographics will continue to be an important part of a site.

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