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Why do posters work so well?

Published: 6 December 2016
Why do posters work so well?

Why do posters still work so well - especially at Christmas?

Living in a world where humans have shorter attention spans than a goldfish (yes, for real, as discovered in a Microsoft Study) it's hard to get noticed especially around Christmas time. But if you're looking for a way to quickly capture attention of your local audience, you can't go past well designed posters.

Five reasons posters boost crowds, sales and profits

It's amazing how many Snap clients love to use posters - or the number of ways they use them events, sales, causes and more.  But never are they more popular and effective than during the festive season.

There are lots of reasons they work. The big five are:

  • Eye-catching sizes - you can have anything from A3 all the way to billboard and custom-size.
  • Traffic-stopping colours - full colour posters are magnets to our minds.
  • Big bold fonts - make it easy for people wandering past to read your offer, and notice you logo, contact and other details. 
  • They keep their good looks - with the modern printing techniques you can get everything from weather resistant UV that lasts in all weather, to glossy and luxurious finishes for indoors.
  • Very cost-effective - much cheaper than radio, TV and, often, newspaper or magazine ads.

A few professional poster design tips

Like all marketing, you need to plan your poster campaign to get the best results. Here are a few tips:

1. Design your posters after market research

Find out what your audience need, where they frequent, and when they'll be there to understand the buying habits of your customer and where you need to focus. Design your poster you have the facts. And use a graphic design expert to help.

2. Highlight your benefits

Talk about what you offer the customers above the product, event or service details. Instead of saying you have a fancy tap system, focus on how you can help eliminate wastage of water and reduce water bills.

3. Consider size, location, and layout

While designing a poster, have a clear idea of where it will go, how it should look (rectangle, square, star, round etc) and how big it should be. For example, a bold A1 poster may look fantastic on a bus stop but it could overwhelm a storefront window.

4. Make the most of finishes

Although posters don't need to last forever, the condition of the poster as its doing its job reflects on your brand. If it's going to be outdoors in the sun and rain, be sure to use a UV resistant finish.

Give your Christmas sales a jingle - now

Christmas is the perfect time to be hitting the streets with a power packed poster for an offer, event or other seasonal promotion. You can showcase them in shop windows, near bus stops, other businesses (if they agree) and more.

Don't let the peak weeks pass you by

Christmas is a great time to boost sales, leads and profits but there are only weeks left to make the most of opportunities. Plus, if you do the printing at the last minute, you run the risk of booked out printers.

Now is the time to have some posters designed and printed quickly to get the jump on your competitors for the end of the year, so you're on a roll into 2017.

Contact your local Centre today for more information on maximising your poster placing efforts.

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