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Print postcards - the secret marketing superstar

Published: 28 January 2021
Print postcards - the secret marketing superstar

Need an attention-grabbing, cost-effective and high-return strategy for your next marketing campaign?

If you're a small or medium sized business, you'd be hard pressed to find a better all-round performer than print postcards.

What makes postcards so good for business?

Ever since the first tourists turned over a picturesque holiday postcard and wrote 'Wish you were here!", postcard receivers have been hooked on the news and invitations contained in these personalised, door-to-door messages.

And they've had the same impact on business customers for almost as long.

Here are seven irresistible reasons you should strongly consider printing postcards for your potential and loyal customers.

1. They're a versatile sales star

Considering the numerous postcard size options, it’s easy to see how this handy marketing tool can help you promote and sell just about anything. With an eye-catching visual and well-crafted words, you can send them out to let the world know about your:

  • business brand
  • special offer voucher
  • event or celebration
  • store opening
  • product launch
  • hotel, bar or restaurant
  • digital campaign (offline and online work well together)
  • and more.

And they can be used as:

  • mailers
  • vouchers and coupons
  • handouts
  • display leaflets for counters, tables, walls, etc

2. They stand out in a web-obsessed world

The internet is a great place to do business, but it can be a tough stage to capture attention. That's why several studies have found that print advertising is more effective than online advertising.

But it's much more than that.

Being handed, or opening the letterbox to find a postcard with our name and a message on it makes us feel special.

Not only that, there's scientific evidence that seeing, feeling and smelling print pieces makes us feel better. It actually seduces our senses.

Those emotional triggers are difficult for any online marketing strategy to capture by itself.

So, one of the most powerful strategies for any small or medium business is to combine postcards and other print tools with web marketing.

3. Almost everyone reads, acts on and keeps postcards

Not only do we love receiving postcards, we fawn over them for a long time. Woolcott Research found that:

  • 98% of receivers look at information on marketing postcards
  • 76% act on offers
  • 84% visit websites mentioned
  • 69% keep the card for more than a month.

4. The cost is low and the reach is sky high

Even in full-colour glory, postcards are small, easy-to-print pieces of paper or board, with no folding needs.  That makes them highly affordable. So, you can run more campaigns, to reach more potential customers, and stay at the top of mind.

Depending on your budget and audience, the sky's the limit in terms of how many of the right people receive your great offer in their hot little hands.

5. You can unleash the creative beast

Print postcards are a designer's dream, because there are no preconceptions of how they should look or act.

You can include beautiful photography, visual metaphors, logos, animation, artwork, text, raised finishes and more. Plus, they can put on their serious marketing message face, or any other appropriate tone, all the way through to fun and playful.

There's really no marketing campaign that a print postcard can't handle and enhance.

6. It's easy to test and track results

With some forms of marketing, it can be difficult to measure success or response rates. Print postcards offer a two-level benefit in that you can:

  • test different cards, tweak messages and see which works best
  • track how effective a campaign is by including unique details for contact, landing pages, coupons, QR codes, etc.

7. Get printing and posting in no time

The simplicity of printed postcards makes them an excellent marketing tool for last minute campaigns. Unless you have a highly complex project, then designing, printing and sending out postcards can be done in a very short turnaround time.

And in today's competitive world, getting in front of your audience fast can often be the difference between new business and no business.

Whether you have a campaign planned, or are holding off on a promotion due to a lack of time, budget or creative ideas, print postcards are worth a closer look.

And if you need some help creating an attention-grabbing, cost-effective and high ROI postcard campaign, talk to your local Snap Centre today.

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