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How personalised print can boost customer loyalty and profits

Published: 15 August 2016
How personalised print can boost customer loyalty and profits

"Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language" Dale Carnegie

Good conversationalists know it. Savvy businesses do too. Use someone's name when you're talking to them and you're more likely to capture their attention, hold their interest and persuade them to act.

Personalised print says you're a name not a number 

The subconscious effect of addressing people by name makes personalising marketing such an effective tool for targeting an audience of 100-500 with a campaign or promotion.

Personalised messages and offers say to your customer that you acknowledge, care for and value them. That develops loyalty - such an important factor if you want to succeed in business.

Research shows that:

  • just a 5% increase in customer loyalty can translate into a 20-80% profit growth.
  • failing to contact a customer every month means losing 10% of your influence over them.

This is why personalised print can help you create better and deeper connections with:

  • active customers
  • lapsed customers
  • new prospects

Personalised mail and CRM

Direct mailers can incorporate personalised print to capture attention by integrating first names into the designs, fonts, colours and layouts. Then personal messages and photos can be added to making each printed piece unique.

Compelling design and relevant content

Personalised print direct mail campaigns can work exceptionally well for a wide variety of businesses including car dealerships, finance companies, gyms, clubs, retail, service providers and more.

The key is understanding your audience and their needs. From there, you can create eye-catching unique designs and content that:
  • stays relevant and front of mind throughout the customers research & buying process
  • turns existing customers into "Advocates" who send referrals your way

Personalised branded cards and calendars

Personalised print is not just for direct mailers. Personalised branded cards are a great way to say 'Thank You' or wish a loyal customer 'Happy Birthday'.

Another option is a personalised calendar:

  • featuring their name, initials or even a photograph
  • marking dates relevant to your business e.g. take the car for service, book a free personal training session, etc.

Not only can personalised print deepen your relationship with your customers, it can have a flow on effect.

As one of our customers recently experienced, "We have been sending all our new clients a personalised calendar every month which has been a great PR exercise on top of which we now have clients that do the same for their new clients."

When a marketing strategy is capable of boosting not just your customer loyalty and profits, but theirs as well, you know it's something to consider.

Author:Snap Marketing
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