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Seven ways to encourage creativity in your team

Published: 16 November 2015
Seven ways to encourage creativity in your team

Your business relies on creativity to grow. 

New, fresh ideas will distinguish your organisation and help you stay competitive in the ever-changing marketing arena. We've identified seven key ways to help encourage creativity in your team.

1. Redesign your decor

First things first: give your team a good foundation to grow in. A nice atmosphere will contribute to broader thinking because it can make people feel more comfortable and inspired. Clinical lights and seas of grey cubicles are boring. Enliven your space with colour in the form of posters, murals, artwork and feature pieces.

2. Create a supportive environment

It takes guts to share your ideas, so employees need to feel safe to do so. Let your team know there are no bad ideas and ensure each proposal is treated with respect.

3. Make them like you

Your team needs to feel connected to your company in order to perform at their best. If they feel valued by their employer, they will work harder and have more desire to contribute to the success of the business. Team activities, appreciation dinners and other bonding events are beneficial (and fun). If employees favour their employer, they'll strive to succeed within the company.

4. Give employees time to think

If your team is too bogged down with their workload, it will be impossible to get their creative juices flowing. Too much stress stunts creativity. Be conscious of how many tasks you give them at any one time, and even consider allotting some space in their days for brainstorming.

5. Implement an open-door policy

Your team should feel like they can talk to you. If they're intimidated, they'll be too shy to bring up their ideas. These ideas could elevate your business, but will end up fizzling out instead. Don't make it difficult for team members to access you too many walls between you will strain your relationship and threaten your marketing potential.

6. Lead the way

If you want to show the importance of creativity to your team, start with yourself. Bring up your own ideas, teach them how much impact a simple idea can have and display your appreciation of ingenuity. You can't expect your employees to get creative if you don't.

7. Reward ingenuity

Ensure team members are commended for their ideas. Give them credit for original thinking. Letting them take ownership of their success will inspire them to continue down the path of innovation.

Creativity is the building block of every successful marketing strategy, and these tips will help your team step up their game and hopefully begin a tradition of innovation and excellence.

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