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Corporate hacks: Is your business at risk?

Published: 24 February 2015
Corporate hacks: Is your business at risk?

Some of the world's biggest companies have been hacked in recent years, with payment details, passwords and personal eMails all falling into the wrong hands.

Keeping your company and its data secure may not only save you from public embarrassment or financial loss, it can go a long way to enriching the trust of your clients.

Secure your passwords

One of the biggest shocks about the recent Sony and eBay hacks was just how easily they occurred. A list of passwords was kept on the server without any password protection itself and without any encryption on the file. In the Sony case, the document, named "master_password_sheet", gave hackers easy access to everything they wanted.

Update systems regularly

Security systems need to be updated regularly to stay safe. The longer hackers have to work on a system without being detected by security systems, the more likely they are to find a way in and the more vulnerable business information is. Regular updates to software come with new security improvements, so it's important to install these as they are released.

Use strong passwords

Having your documents and services password-protected is one thing, but having a safe password is another. Common passwords such as '123456', 'password' and 'qwerty' are all easily remembered, but also easily guessed. While it can be tempting to create a password that's a mix of letters, numbers and punctuation as well as capital and lowercase letters some theories recommend using a longer string of common words.

Hacks can be physical

While most of us think of hacks as being software related, they can also be the result of a hardware attack. Home Depot, Target and other businesses have been recent victims of physical hacks, with card skimmers and malware installed on cash registers, stealing clients' details. Regular checks of any computerised items are vital to ensure everything is as it should be.

Assume you will be hacked

Even with every security measure in place, there's a good chance you could fall victim to an attack. Whether it's a security loophole that's out of your control or simply being matched against a stronger opponent, one day someone might get into your system. When they do, it's important to limit the damage. One of the biggest embarrassments of company hacks are the leaked eMails, so be sure to stick to professional terms and only disclose information that you'd be comfortable with being in the open domain.

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