COVID-19 Safety and Trading Posters

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Our range of COVID-19 posters covers key health, hygiene and social-distancing messages to help keep your staff and customers safe. We also have posters to help you communicate any changes in your business trading conditions. Your logo will be placed in the bottom right corner of each poster.

Have a look through the range, make your selection, and fill out the Request-a-Quote form at the bottom of the page. Your Snap Centre will then be in touch to confirm the details, such as the size of poster (A4 to A1), base materials, and finishes (e.g. laminating) best suited to your requirements.

If you're after something custom-designed, let us know - our designers are here to help you.

COVID-19 internal poster - stand behing the line

#1: 'Stand Behind the Line'

Notify your customers to 'Stand Behind the Line' and use contactless payment if they're able. Your company logo placed at the bottom-right.

If you are limiting face-to-fac contact and counter service to minimise risk

#2: 'Please Knock or Call'

If you are limiting face-to-face contact to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading Coronavirus, let your customers know how to contact you.

Corona Virus Change of Business Hours

#3: 'Change of Business Hours'

If you have changed your business trading hour to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, let your customers know when and how they can continue to make contact with you.

Coronavirus Poster - Temporary Closure

#4: 'We're Temporarily Closed'

If you have needed to close your business for a temporary period due to the Coronavirus situation, let your customers know when you plan to reopen your doors, and how they can contact you in the meantime.

Coronavirus Poster - Keep your Distance

#5: 'Keep Your Distance'

Remind your staff and customers when they're on your premises to adhere to the COVID-19 'social distancing' requirements by staying at least 1.5 metres apart. Your logo will be placed at the bottom right corner.

COVID-19 Hygiene in your Hands Poster

#6: 'Hygiene in Your Hands'

To stop the spread of Coronavirus, good hygiene is critical. This poster will help remind your staff and customers of the importance of thorough hand washing, for at least 20 seconds.
Coronavirus Poster - Identify the Symptoms

#7: 'Identify the Symptoms'

This poster helps your people to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 and how they differ to the common cold and flu.
Coronavirus Poster - Help Stop the Spread

#8: 'Help Stop the Spread'

Remind your staff and customers and the four key steps in stopping the spread of Coronavirus
COVID-19 How to Wash Your Hands Poster

#9: 'How to Wash your Hands'

Thorough hand-washing instructions - as advised by WHO - to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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