DIY design using print-ready templates

Snap Print-Design, Powered by Canva

An integrated and seamless solution for DIY Design-for-Print

Snap's collaboration with Canva - the first of its kind in Australia - combines the simplicity of Canva's drag-and-drop design interface with the print expertise and personalised service of your local Snap Centre.

Here's how it works, in 10 Steps

Step 1: CLICK the 'Start Designing with Canva' button to go to the integrated Snap-Canva design-for-print platform.

Step 2: SELECT the type of printed material you want to create - from business cards and labels through to posters or banners -  with options for size and orientation where applicable.

Step 3: DESIGN your material, from scratch if you wish, or by using one of the templates in Canva's extensive library

  • During the design process you'll have access to Canva's extensive photo, image, text and background library.
  • Personalise your design by uploading your own logo and images, and by selecting the fonts, colours and effects you want in your finished design.

Step 4: REQUEST QUOTE. Once you're happy with your design, click on the Request Quote button towards the top right corner.

Step 5: CHECK your design using the prompts provided. These checks are to ensure that your design artwork is print-ready and gives you result you want when printed. Once you've completed these checks, the print-ready artwork for your design is automatically created and uploaded to a Request a Quote (RAQ) form which you complete in the next step.

Step 6: COMPLETE the RAQ form with your contact details and other information about your print requirements. Once you hit the 'submit' button, your print-ready artwork file and form information is sent to your selected Snap Centre. You'll receive an email confirmation that the enquiry has been sent.

Step 7: REVIEW QUOTATION.  Your selected Snap Centre will review the artwork and information provided with the RAQ form and get back to you with an Estimate / Quotation, generally within one business day. They may contact you if they have any questions about the type of paper you wish to use, speciality print-finishes that would suitable for your print-job, quantities or delivery details.

Step 8: FINALISE PRINT ORDER.  When you are happy with all the details, approve the quotation provided by your Snap Centre for print production to commence.

Step 9: DELIVERY OR PICK-UP.  With Snap, you can choose how you receive your print order. You can either pick it up from your Snap Centre or have it delivered to your home or business. Your Snap Centre will discuss this with you. You will be invoiced upon receipt of your goods.

Step 10: ENJOY!

What's different to using a standard Canva account?

Using the Snap Print-Design, Powered by Canva integrated solution is different to a standard Canva account. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Creating your designs using Snap Print-Design, Powered by Canva is FREE.
  2. You don't create an account when using Snap Print-Design, Powered by Canva. For this reason, the design-files you create won't be saved on the platform for you to access at a later time. Once you have submitted your Request for Quote form, you can speak with your designated Snap Centre to receive a low-res PDF version of the file.
  3. If you proceed with a print job with Snap, you can request a hi-res print-ready PDF for your files and future use.
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