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Digital printing is a low-cost, time-saving option for business printing

Create business cards, brochures and other marketing products in high definition colour. The Snap Centre in Tasmania can help you create eye-catching graphic design products using digital printing techniques.

Why choose digital printing?

Compared to conventional printing methods, digital printing services offer greater flexibility for quantities, sizes and designs, especially for low-volume printing tasks of less than 500 units. Digital printing reproduces images from computer files directly onto the page, avoiding mistakes and unsatisfactory results, and high-speed printing will ensure that even large batches are completed on the same day.

Graphic design products

Digital printing can be used for all types of business products, from business cards to flyers, brochures and larger applications. When you design marketing products with Snap, you can be confident that these high quality prints will be tailor-made to highlight your brands strengths and make the right impression. Digital printing is an economical printing option whether you need 10 copies or 10,000.

Large format printing

Snap can custom design posters, banners and other large format products or help you print your own designs. With high quality digital printing, your graphics are certain to stand out, without any drop in quality. Our experienced technicians will recommend the most suitable materials to use for large prints, including UV-protected paper stock for window displays and vinyl with laminated finishes for outdoor use. Snap can print posters and banners in all sizes ranging from A3 to A0, as well as custom specifications provided by the client.

Alternatives to digital printing

If you are printing large format pages or large quantities over 500 units, offset printing can be a more suitable alternative to digital printing, and offers comparable quality. The outlay for offset printing is higher than digital printing at low quantities however, as plates need to be produced for each client, but this can still be more cost effective for larger scale projects. Offset prints typically use fewer colours than digital printing materials, as each coloured ink requires a separate plate that increases the cost so digital printing is the best option for short runs of full colour prints.

To find out more about digital printing in Hobart for postcards, business cards and large format projects, contact your nearest Snap Centre.

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