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We go back to about 1996 soon after Snap opened in Preston. They designed my logo which was very innovative and won them the Snap Group National Design Competition in 2002/2003. I'm still using it. They've got that ability to produce something that's different. They understand my needs and I love their service. Candi and Michael do print work for my business and for other shopping centres that I do the marketing for, and we also work together on the Preston Business Advisory Committee. You can't beat their quality. They are extremely nice and they accommodate my needs, particularly if I've got a red hot deadline. I always get everything I need on time. That's why I use Snap Preston!
Penny Jamieson, Director | Meandah Marketing

Producing our Association's annual book Hardnbold with Snap Preston is a bit of a family affair as I compile it, my wife Carol proofreads it and her sister Cheryl does the typing. The book has been going since 1947 without missing a year; I took it over from Carol's father, who was President for 37 years (it's a two-year term!), as I had promised to keep it going if he passed away. When offset printers started closing down or became expensive in the early 2000s, Dad dropped in to Snap Preston because he lived in Reservoir, and we've been with them ever since. There are printers closer to us but we wouldn't go anywhere else.
Our association has stayed viable when others have folded because direct descendants of veterans can join, and Hardnbold is the anchor that holds our battalion together. Each year we get mail from members saying how great the book is and how they look forward to it; we publish their letters so everybody knows what everybody else is doing.
Michael and Candi are extremely easy to work with and very professional. The quality of their work is just wonderful and the photos come up superbly; we get many comments about them. If they say something is going to be ready by a certain time it is. I give Michael an Adobe InDesign file to pick to pieces and he always has great advice on layout and formatting. We go through a few iterations before Carol and Michael consider it worthy of printing and it's worth it because everybody says it reads so well and the continuity is there.
Michael, as we've just had enough covers printed for our book for the next five years, you're not allowed to retire just yet!
Max Smith, Editor Hardnbold | 57/60th (AIF) Battalion Association

It's about 12 years since Snap Preston designed the logo for Casa Blanca The Tropical House, and they designed and printed everything for the business from brochures to fax forms, long before social media was around! I still love the logo because it's timeless. I asked Snap Preston to make it bright and bold because that's how the tropics are in Port Douglas and I also loved the way they incorporated the name of the house as a design feature of the logo. It's great branding. Over the years they've done my business card, which they've just freshened up and it's come back really nicely.
The thing I like about Candi and Michael is that no job is too small and you don't have to be a big player. Every job is done efficiently and to an excellent standard and pricewise it's always great. That's why I've stuck with them. Michael's knowledge is brilliant. I can ring him up or send him an email with very scant details and he knows exactly what I want!
Ann Scott, Owner and Manager | Casa Blanca The Tropical House

Candi and Michael do the point-of-sale posters and postcards that we provide to stockists with our food products and for the past three years or so they've helped us with packaging and labels for new brands we've been developing. They produce entry-level labels for our new short-run products which gets us into the marketplace and gives us traction until we can get industry-standard packaging done on a large scale.
I've used different printers over time and the aspect that I enjoy the most at Snap Preston is the service. They're really good. Not only do they have expertise, they find the time for you and they're prepared to go the extra length. It's also the rapport, so it's really an enjoyable experience dealing with them. You're not just seen as another customer; they really do foster the relationship which is terrific.
Brendan Connelly, Director | Wildcrafted Pty Ltd

At Learning for Life we have just celebrated ten years providing services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Snap Preston has been a staunch supporter from the start.
The in-kind services we receive from sponsors like Snap Preston make all the difference because the money we save goes straight into the coffers for our children. Candi and Michael printed the invitations and programs for our first annual fundraising ball and they're still doing it, as well as promotional material for the other events. They are there for us whenever we pick up the phone and as a volunteer I do value that they always treat us like key customers, even on projects with a short turnaround. We never feel as if we've been pushed to the bottom of the pile just because we're a charity.
Candi and Michael are regular guests at our ball so they can see what we do, hear about our work from the children's parents, and really understand how they are helping. Our supporter functions are a great opportunity for them to network with other sponsors. In return for Snap's great support L4life sends any extra office stationery work their way and promotes their services to the L4life community. Thank you Candi and Michael for everything you do for us.
Mary Muirhead OAM, Director | Learning for Life Autism Centre

Candi was so professional and she had so many creative ideas for my menus. It was very easy and there was no going back and forth.
I couldn't believe how good Candi was. I've updated the details on the menus that she did a year ago but other than that everything was kept the same because I just love it. I think the look that I've got won't get outdated and I can keep it for a long time. I love how they're up with the times when some designers' work looks very dated. I've got a style that I like and it's got to be up to date. 
I can't wait to work with Candi again to see what she comes up with when I decide to do a new menu in a new style. She brings out the idea I've given her and makes it ten times better. Her passion is in food and it comes out when we're talking about food.
Pam Purgpewwong, Owner | Silk Thai Preston restaurant and takeaway

Snap Preston mainly does the printing and binding of tender documents for our building consultancy. We've been working with them for nearly 20 years and the service is always good and reliable. They always find time for you. I go in to their office from Greensborough and I pass other printers to get there! It's worth the trip because the service is fantastic, they're great and they're like friends.
Stephen Gorst, Director | Gorst Lennox & Associates

I find Candi and Michael really professional and  friendly to deal with, and reliable. I'm always clear about what my deadlines are and they'll always be honest about whether they can meet those or not. I haven't had any problems over the past three years. It's good to be able to use someone local and I know that they're going to get the job done. It's also important that they are able to offer recycled and sustainable materials.
Stephanie Preston, Safe Travel Officer—Transport Management | Darebin City Council

Snap Preston has been laminating my football cuttings from Inside Football for a few years - Richmond for me and North Melbourne for my nephew. I've got enough to wallpaper a few walls! I won't go anywhere else because they're good people and they give me a good quality job and I can't complain about the price.
Gary Smith

We have been dealing with Snap Preston for many years and Michael and his team are always ready to help promptly to ensure our order and design needs are met. They print our price tags and personalised stickers that we use to itemise our produce.
Domenic Mollica, Owner | MnM Fruit, Preston Market

For about five or six years Candi and Michael have been doing a range of items for me including large-scale plan printing for the business and accessories for me personally such as wine labels. Everything's easy with these guys, they make it easy and it all comes back in a neat package. They're really responsive and everything's done within a day - if I'm in a hurry they'll get me out of jail!
Aidan Earley, Owner | Alpha-Form Constructions

I have been using Snap Preston for years and find Candi and Michael always available to find a solution for all our printing needs. The fact we can support our local trader is an added bonus.
Ken Rogers, Owner | Eyewear Plus and the Eyebenefit Group Preston

Forensicare has dealt with Snap Preston over the past ten years and I was happy to continue working with them when I took on this role three and a half years ago. Snap Preston produces miscellaneous items for our facility including business cards, envelopes and letterheads and they also do our printing jobs over all the Forensicare sites.

Everything's just easy. I often ring up to find out about something that was done in the past and Michael has it on record so he is extremely helpful and he can look it up. They always do a quick turnaround to meet our demands and deliver on time. Michael and Candi are both very pleasant to deal with.

You guys make dealing with you a pleasure!

Jared Bottles, Procurement & Logistics Coordinator | Forensicare

Snap Preston was recommended to us by another company which wasn't able to do a printing job for us.  We went to see Michael who assisted us in a superb manner and we now use Snap Preston to create and print our pamphlets, business cards and the instruction manuals for our product.

We are a young business marketing an invention that is still in its early stages and we've found Michael and Candi to be extremely helpful. We've always been very happy with the quality of their printing at very reasonable prices. Their communication skills are excellent and their service is top class. They sometimes suggest something different and this comes from their experience in the business. It is good to work with experienced, reliable and efficient people.

We will continue to use Snap Preston for our needs as we progress in our business.

Jim and Rhonda Pollock, Directors | Identiglow

We have been using Snap Preston for three years, printing our marketing material to hand out to potential clients. Their exceptional customer service, reliability and print quality is the reason we keep going back. Even when we're under pressure or trying to meet a tight deadline, Snap are fantastic in being able to accommodate.
Sarah Bolton, Client Operations Coordinator | Enex TestLab

Snap Preston is a responsive, reliable and also a competitively priced supplier for us. At GS1 Australia we are currently rolling out an integrated branding campaign across every touch point to our members, partners and other key stakeholders, so we appreciate their expertise not only rests in printed collateral. 

They helped meet our need for bringing online our business card approval process. Candi and Michael were there with us every part of the build and helped us deliver an online web portal that met our needs. We are happy with the result as the portal has streamlined our process. We would highly recommend Snap Preston.

Samantha Roach, Head of Marketing & Events | GS1 Australia

We had new menus printed by Snap Preston after we took over Caffé Rustico in March. They also do our advertisements, pamphlets, takeaway menus and events signage. They are very friendly, quick and very punctual. If they say it will be ready this afternoon it means it will be ready this afternoon. They are always happy and smiling. They come around to say g'day and ask how the business is doing - beautiful people. Candi even passes on her cookbooks to share recipes with us. They make you feel that they are part of your business. They're very caring and they're pretty awesome. They also bring their friends here which makes us feel welcome in the sense that they show off the café to their friends.
Pascal and Jimmy, Owners | Caffé Rustico

I've had Ports Diner for seven years and another business for eight years before that and I've dealt with Snap Preston from day one. They do my business cards, posters and menus and they give me good quality work on time. Candi and Michael are very helpful, so if I have an idea they come up with a better suggestion. It's my project but they say: 'I think in your business you might be better doing it this way'. They're the experts - I'm good at food and they're good at what they do. They help me out a lot and I'm 100% happy with them.
Forty Koumakis, Owner and Manager | Ports Diner
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