Mesh Banners

Reinvent outdoor promotions with breathable mesh banners

Mesh banners are the ideal outdoor advertising solution for your business. Our range of mesh banners can be designed to advertise a variety of businesses, including construction companies, sports events and music festivals.

Our banners are made from a high-quality mesh fabric that can last up to seven years in optimal conditions. The fabric can be laminated for extra protection.

We offer mesh banners in a horizontal or vertical orientation, at sizes ranging from 520x910mm to 1220x2440mm.

You can attach our mesh banners to your desired object using either of our two fastening options. Choose from 9mm brass eyelets or metal grommets to hang your mesh banner.

Why choose Snap Print Solutions for your mesh banner printing?

With over a century of experience in the printing industry, Snap Print Solutions has become the one-stop shop for all mesh banner printing needs. We use high-quality materials to create our mesh banners, ensuring your custom banner is made to last.

The fabric for our mesh banners is sustainably sourced, in line with our Sustainable Green Print certification. We were the first printing company to achieve this level of certification, reinforcing our commitment to environmental conservation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mesh banners can be used in areas that are subjected to high winds. Their designs incorporate thousands of small gaps to allow the wind to pass through. Choosing a more open weave for your mesh banner improves its protection against wind, creating more space for air to pass through.
The high-quality mesh we print on produces a banner that gives a premium feel. The inks we use are UV-resistant, however the banner will still fade if exposed to the elements for a long period of time. We estimate your mesh banner will last at least six months of 24/7 outdoor use before it deteriorates. If used indoors or in sheltered locations, your mesh banner will last you several years.
To keep your mesh banners clean, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. If there is any heavier dirt on the banner, use a small amount of mild detergent to clean it off. Never use any aggressive chemicals such as bleach, as these will damage your banner’s print. Repeat this cleaning process regularly if your mesh banner is exposed to the elements, or if you are storing it away for an extended period.
The design of a mesh banner should be simple and easy to read. Due to its perforations, a mesh banner is usually unable to display a large amount of detail. Instead, its main purpose is to draw maximum attention to your business, logo or offering. Consider a highly visual design that is easy to read from far away. If you need any more advice on designing or printing mesh banners, contact Snap Print Solutions today.

What our customers are saying

Snap Print Solutions is my absolute go-to place for everything print! They are so helpful, efficient, and also willing to give advice when needed.
Julia T
I have to say it was a fantastic experience, both in the printing output and the ease of which it was co-ordinated (all online). To be able to rely on a printer when working with clients huge.
Edna M
The team at Snap Print Solutions is always so helpful and does such great work! They’ve done both professional and personal print work for me and have always been incredibly thorough and extremely fast. Highly recommend Snap Print Solutions for your printing needs!
Meghan S
The service team is responsive to any queries. The production is quick, and quality is great in general including brochure booklets, flyers, signs, flags and frames etc, and in a good value as well. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a professional, swift turnaround, and issue-free print service.
Lucia L
Great quality and service at Snap Print Solutions. I have been using their service for over two years with all our business needs, stickers, posters, specialised printing and banners. The team has been great and goes above and beyond in providing all our needs.
Naomi G
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