Digital Printing Brisbane

Digital printing is the most affordable method of printing business materials

Whether you need business cards, manuals or large format posters, Snap Centres in Brisbane can help you.

Why choose digital printing?

Digital printing is the best option for printing small volumes or individual products, as you only pay for what you print with minimal setup costs. Unlike some other printing methods using plates and ink, digital printing uses toner to produce crisp, high quality prints in as many colours as necessary, making it ideal for colourful promotional materials that combine text and artwork. If youre designing business cards, postcards and other products at Snap Centres in Queensland, you can print these designs right away.

How digital printing works

You will be familiar with digital printing if you have used a laser printer at home or in the office, but professional digital printing produces higher quality prints at faster rates. Unlike older ink printers, digital printing applies heat to toner, which transfers colour instantly to the printing material, radically speeding up the process, and what you see on the screen is exactly what youll get on the page. Digital printing is suitable for a wide variety of paper types, from plain paper and card to UV-resistant materials and canvas.

Large format digital printing

Snap offers digital printing for page sizes up to 350mm x 450mm, but we can also print posters, banners, window graphics and more with high-definition colour and crisp lines in sizes from A3 to A0. You can use your own existing designs and online materials or get Snaps talented designers to develop custom banners to help promote your business, and ask about lamination and other options to protect your printed works.

Offset printing

For large and custom sizes, talk to your local Snap Centre about offset printing. This printing method also produces high quality images and can be a more cost-effective option when printing large volumes over 500 units, though creating custom plates takes longer than direct digital printing and is more expensive upfront, which is why offset printing is largely used by clients with large print requirements.

Visit your local Snap Centre for more information about professional digital printing in Brisbane.

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