Qantas Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Qantas Business Rewards Program?

The Qantas Business Rewards Program specifically targets small and medium businesses across Australia. It is a stand-alone rewards program tailored to reward business owners with Qantas Points for everyday business purchases.

2. What is the difference between the Business Rewards Program and Qantas Frequent Flyer Program?

The Business Rewards Program is for businesses, rewarding ABN holders with transferrable points and access to exclusive offers from partners. Qantas Business Rewards could turn eligible business flights and many day-to-day business expenses into rewards. Business Points need to be converted into Qantas Frequent Flyer Points and transferred to the account of an individual QFF Member for redemption purposes. That QFF Member can then use those Qantas Points exactly as they would any other Qantas Points for flights or flight upgrades, or for one of the many items available in the Qantas Store.

The Qantas Frequent Flyer program is a rewards program whichrewards its members (individuals) with Qantas Points for flying on eligible flights with Qantas and partner airlines, using an eligible Qantas Frequent Flyer linked credit or charge card, shopping with partners, or with Points converted from a Business Rewards Program membership.

3. Why should a business join Qantas Business Rewards?

Qantas Business Rewards is designed to reward businesses for doing many of the things they already do today. Qantas will reward these members with Points for eligible flights taken for business purposes and many other day-to-day expenses. Unlike other rewards programs which only cater for individuals, owners and employees of Qantas Business Rewards members will be able to earn Points in a central account for their business.

4. How will a business benefit from this program?

The business will benefit by being rewarded with Qantas Business Rewards Points for everyday business expenses, including eligible Qantas domestic and international flights taken for business purposes. Businesses can convert their Qantas Business Rewards Points to Qantas Points and transfer them to the account of any individual Qantas Frequent Flyer Member. Those Qantas Points can then be redeemed for flights, upgrades and over 3,000 items in the Qantas Store.

5. Who are the other partners?

Qantas Business Rewards will have partners across a range of business expenditure categories such as Financial Services, Professional Services, Office Supplies, Vehicle Related Spend and Travel. More information regarding the other partners will be available at

6. How does a Qantas Business Rewards member earn Points with Snap?

Qantas Business Rewards members will be able to earn Points on their print, design and website purchases from Australian Snap Centres. Owners and employees will earn Points into a central Qantas Business Rewards account in the name of the business registered with the Qantas Business Rewards Program.

Members must be registered at their local Snap Centre to receive Qantas Points from Snap. Registration is linked to the company ABN, and full company name must also be provided in order for the registration to be accepted. An online form can be completed by clicking here. Registration is not transferable between individual Snap Centres. You must register individually with each Snap Centre you are ordering from on behalf of the business in order to earn Qantas Business Rewards Points.

7. Is there any limit to the number of Rewards Points my business can earn?

As of March 2014, any Qantas Business Rewards Member can only earn up to 200,000 Points from Snap in a single calendar year.

8. What other limitations apply?

Qantas Business Rewards members may be excluded from earning Points with Snap where:

the Client has an existing written contract for the supply of services with Snap; or

the Client has an existing pre-determined fixed pricing structure with Snap

9. What can Qantas Business Rewards members do with the Points earned?

Qantas Business Rewards Points can be converted on a 1 to 1 basis and transferred to any individual's Qantas Frequent Flyer account and can be redeemed by that individual for flights, flight upgrades or products and experiences from the Qantas Store.

10. Who is responsible for the conversion of Business Rewards Points to Qantas Points?

Only the business owner or registered representative of the Qantas Business Rewards member will be able to convert Business Rewards Points to Qantas Points and assign them, so they will always have complete control over point allocations.

11. When will the Qantas Business Rewards Points be credited to my business's Qantas account?

Once full payment for your print, design or website order has been received, the Qantas Business Rewards Points will then be processed. Allow up to 60 days for the Points to be credited to your business's Qantas account. It may take longer for Points provided under promotional offers to be credited to your business's account refer to the relevant promotional materials for details.

12. Will it cost me anything?

No, just the cost of your print, design or website order. However, you must be a member of the Qantas Business Rewards program to earn Points. Membership and Points are subject to the Terms and Conditions available at

13. How can a business join Qantas Business Rewards?

In order to become an Qantas Business Rewards member, authorised business representatives will need to register via

14. Are there any tax consequences for businesses that convert Qantas Business Rewards Points to Qantas Points?

Qantas Business Rewards Points could be subject to income tax or fringe benefits tax. As such, Members and their nominated Qantas Points Recipients should seek independent taxation advice related to their earning and use of Qantas Points under the Qantas Business Rewards program.

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