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Using your YubiKey

What is a Yubi Key? Where can I get one from? How do I set it up?

What is a Yubi Key?

  • The YubiKey, manufactured by Yubico, is a device that acts as a USB keyboard and provides secure authentication by a one-time password that is encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm with a 128-bit key.

Where can I get one from?

How do I set it up?

  • To set up your YubiKey, log into thewebconsole and click on settings in the top right of the screen.
  • Click on your settings on the left tab and there will be a section called YubiKey. Click in the text box next to it.  
  • Now insert your YubiKey into a USB Port in your computer and press the button. This will generate a code unique to your YubiKey.  
  • Click Save Settings and your code will be saved. This must be done for every user's YubiKey.
  • Click on Security Settings on the left tab and you will see a section which says, "Force User YubiKey Authentication". Set this to Yes and Save Security Settings.  
  • Next time you log into your account a page will appear which will say YubiKey Authentication. Press your YubiKey again and it will generate a code that will be authenticated and allow you access to your account.

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