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Adding a conversion code to your Shopping Cart

You may need to track the conversions through your shopping cart if you are using a 3rd party software to measure this. You will need to paste this conversion script following the information below.

You can easily add this conversion script through:

  1. Clicking the General Settings under Shop Settings v2
  2. Paste your conversion code into the Conversion Code field
  3. You will need to ensure you change your static conversion fields in the script with the ones below. For example sale.setOrderID('ORD_12345XYZ'); will become sale.setOrderID(<order_id>);

You will need to use the tags as they appear here when using them in the conversion area.

Order code: <order_id>
Amount: <order_amount>
Amount Ga: <order_amount_ga>
Order Tax: <order_tax>
Order Shipping: <order_shipping>
Order City: <order_city>
Order State: <order_state>
Order Country: <order_country>

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