Paper selection for printing

Paper selection is critical to your print's final look and feel. It also dictates where and how the finished product is best used. Your local Snap Centre will provide you with guidance on paper choice, taking into account both your budget and the impression you're wanting to achieve.

Paper weight is measured in GSM, or grams per square metre. Typically, the higher the GSM value, the thicker and stiffer the paper. This can communicate subtle clues about your brand and message. Thicker stocks imply a more premium product or service, whereas thinner stocks imply a cheaper, more value-oriented brand.

Once the weight of paper has been selected, it's time to consider the finish. This adds another layer of sensory engagement and can greatly influence your target audience as they hold the finished products in their hands. Just like GSM, your choice of paper finish will determine the overall look and feel of your printed piece.

Paper finish options include:

  • Uncoated paper: No glare and highly ink-absorbent, reducing the risk of smudging. Perfect for text-heavy forms like manuals, letterheads, tickets and memo paper.
  • Matte paper: Often used for reports, flyers, business cards and magazines due to its high quality feel that is subtler than gloss.
  • Gloss-coated paper: The shiny surface makes it a perfect match for bold colours and high-contrast prints. A favourite for high-end magazines, brochures and booklets.
  • Dull-coated gloss paper: Delivers a slightly better reading experience to full gloss-coated paper by reduding the shine factor.
  • Scodix: Adds a luxury feel to any of the above paper finishes using embellishments in a variety of raised foil blocking and spot UV gloss finishes.
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