Environmental Statement

A green choice is not about today it's about tomorrow

Today most of us are aware of recycling in the home, which is great. Unfortunately many businesses do not have green practices for their workplace.
Implementing a "Green Office" program can be difficult. Thankfully your local Snap Centre will help make a difference. We stock a large range of recycled papers that you can choose from for your next printing project.

Make a change in business

Environmentally responsible options from Snap are not just about making a change for the present but for making a difference to the future.

Some simple things that can be implemented in the office include:

  • Use paper only recycle bins (there are many paper recycling companies that can collect these)
  • Consider emails instead of letters and faxes
  • Try using old paper in faxes (many people throw away old letterheads if the details have changed)
  • Scan and store documents electronically (old paper can then be recycled)

For more information on greening your office, contact your local Snap Centre or visit the Australian Conservation Foundation.

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