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Ella Baché is built on the philosophy of unique individual needs and personal skincare solutions. It’s a belief so strong, it’s a recognisable part of their brand and flows through every facet of their marketing.

However, staying true to a highly personalised brand identity while maintaining brand consistency is no small task.

This was the challenge Ella Baché faced, until they partnered with Snap Print Solutions for the perfect personalised solution with a standardised national approach.

Ella Baché’s Goals and Objectives

When considering a new print partner, Ella Baché was looking for four things:

  1. A centralised, one-stop solution for all their printing needs
  2. Bespoke print collateral options, that could be personalised yet standardised
  3. Printing and distribution flexibility, able to support last-minute projects
  4. An affordable price tag

With such high-value requirements, Ella Baché needed more than a print supplier. They needed a partner.

“We spent a lot of time creating a local area marketing strategy. From that, we wanted to create a whole suite of artwork our salons could use. We needed a partner to help make it accessible to them.

Rather than trying to build the capability ourselves, we wanted to work with experts in the print field. We were looking for a partner to deliver quickly, efficiently and at the right price point.”

Katherine Eleyce
Content & Communications Manager
Ella Baché

“The largest item we print for Ella Baché is the Menu of Service. This is a highly personalised project that all salons complete. In the portal, the artwork has fields which are editable so salons can enter their own individual pricing and location details.

What this means for Ella Baché is the salons get the personalisation they need, but there’s a governance process in place for quality control. It ensures that Ella Baché customers see a consistent brand image”

Hatem Ekiabi
Franchise Partner
Snap Print Solutions Wetherill Park

120 years in the printing industry

With our Corporate Solutions, Ella Baché found the partner they were looking for.

Working with the Snap Print Solutions team, together they designed an online print portal to house all their print collateral artwork, support last-minute distribution requirements, enable easy personalisation with brand standard controls, and deliver high-quality printed products at an affordable price.

For Ella Baché salons, the ordering process is simple and avoids unnecessary confusion:

  • The Ella Baché head office marketing team sends artwork and print details to Snap Print Solutions.
  • Snap Print Solutions uploads the materials to the online portal, double checking print specs and adding another layer of quality control.
  • Salons login to the online portal and choose what to print, customising collateral across bespoke items such as birthday events, offers, gift vouchers and Menus of Service.
  • All orders go to print, with customisations first presented for review and sign-off by the Ella Baché head office marketing team.
  • Print assets are delivered to salons quickly and efficiently.

Every Snap Print Solutions Centre Australia-wide is now Sustainable Green Print Certified!

The Benefits for Ella Baché

With our Corporate Solutions’ portal in place, Ella Baché’s head office marketing team now receives far fewer bespoke requests from their salons.

With standardised, yet customisable, print collateral, such as the Menu of Service, they’re able to ensure consistency across the brand network, while allowing each salon to individually specify their pricing and contact details.

With the simple to use and centralised platform, salons can easily personalise their print assets as required, receive them quickly and efficiently, and retain ownership over the management of their own business.

As for the Ella Baché head office team, with their print and distribution processes running so smoothly, they now have more free time and internal capacity. This allows them to focus on new projects and strategies, and keep driving the business forward.

The benefits of our Corporate Solutions don’t just stop at printing though. Through the centralised platform, Ella Baché is provided with detailed business insights and full visibility across their brand collateral.

“The team at Snap Print Solutions are experts in their field and deliver a quality job, always. They are so accommodating, and we have great relationships with people across the business. Whenever we have last-minute projects, they are always actioned very quickly.

Print collateral is such a huge part of our business and it’s wonderful to have a partner who is committed to a positive relationship with us.”

Katherine Eleyce
Content & Communications Manager
Ella Baché

The Future for Ella Baché

With our Corporate Solutions portal well established in Ella Baché’s business, the Ella Baché team are now looking to evolve the brand and their print assets to the next level.

For them, this means refreshing all their artwork in the Snap Print Solutions portal. This will ensure the brand image stays fresh and provides relevant offers to the salons. Ella Baché’s marketing team are also looking forward to exploring new innovations in print and design, drawing on the guidance of the Snap Print Solutions team as their print partner.

Words of Advice

Like many businesses managing a national footprint of branches, stores or salons, Ella Baché was spending a disproportionate amount of time reacting to requests and bespoke artwork creation requirements.

With our Corporate Solutions, they now have a simple, centralised solution that delivers consistent print quality and brand control, and allows them to focus on higher value business objectives.

“The biggest piece of advice I would give to anyone looking at their print requirements is to try to get to that next level. When you’re so busy managing bespoke requests, it’s hard to step out and strategise. But when you can move away from the day-to-day, you can adopt a strategic approach to creating a bank of artwork. This really helped us become more efficient.”

Katherine Eleyce
Content & Communications Manager
Ella Baché

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