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Battery World was facing a challenge common among many franchise businesses:

  • Maintaining brand control across their franchises was difficult, leading to inconsistencies in marketing collateral.
  • Their print ordering system could be tricky to navigate.
  • Establishing communication around correct print collateral was not as easy as it could have been.

Familiar with the problem, having helped many other franchise businesses overcome it (including ourselves), the our Corporate Solutions team stepped in.

Thanks to our print solutions, we not only solved Battery World’s brand consistency challenge but also delivered significant time savings and financial gains to the Battery World franchise.

It’s now a thriving partnership that has put the power back into Battery World’s hands.

Battery World’s Print Pain Points

With stores in every state and territory in Australia, and an extensive range of services, Battery World has a large footprint.

However, with their size and scale came a number of challenges.

Their main problem was how to maintain a consistent brand with a single state sourced print supplier, with distribution that was still fast and efficient.

Another concern was how to ensure their printing was cost effective, helping them save precious time and resources they could better invest in driving local area marketing.

“When we looked into the figures, we found some serious inefficiencies from utilising a single state sourced supplier. The order systems and end distribution processes were also lacking.

What we needed was an automated solution that would speed up the turnaround on print fulfillment products and provide clarity on the ordering and delivery process. We needed to centralise communication and give our head office marketing team visibility and control over the brand collateral.”

Luke Jacklin
National Marketing Executive
Battery World Australia Pty Ltd

“When Battery World came to us we could immediately see the immense potential they could unlock by automating their print process.

And we knew it was possible. With the right solutions in place, any franchise, even one with a national footprint, can still have easy visibility and control over national marketing collateral. Their ordering system could also readily be improved, regardless of their scale, making it easier for their teams to use.”

Brian Larsen
Centre Manager
Snap Print Solutions Queen Street, Brisbane

Our Corporate Solutions’ online print portal met Battery World’s requirements exactly. As an easy-to-use, integrated online ordering and distribution platform, it offers centralised control across brand assets and budgets. And, in addition, it provides Battery World with local distribution and execution of all marketing and promotional materials across any of the 125+ Snap Print Solutions Centres.

Transforming Battery World’s manual process into an automated national solution, we aligned it with their key requirements across:

  • brand and asset management
  • systems/process automation
  • budgets and account management
  • contracted KPIs
  • price grids
  • and, governance and risk

Despite being a national solution, we also made sure it prioritised local connections.



Every Snap Print Solutions Centre Australia-wide is now Sustainable Green Print Certified!

“We saved a lot of time across the business.

Franchise Partners find the new system easy to use, so we spend less time managing requests in head office. We also saw a reduction in internal artwork requests, and so were able to allocate that internal headcount to other projects.

The other key benefit is that we have less collateral in the marketplace that is off-brand or in the wrong colours. That alone has done wonders for achieving brand penetration in the market.”

National Marketing Executive
Battery World Australia Pty Ltd.


“The move to our Corporate Solutions changed the way Battery World manage marketing activity. It freed up valuable time and resources, and gave the team easy access to transparent reporting that could be shared with key business stakeholders.

These are the kind of results we get our clients every day. With our systems and processes we can drive efficiency through a client’s print house, and the benefits that returns can be staggering.”

Brian Larsen
Centre Manager
Snap Print Solutions Queen Street, Brisbane

The Benefits to Battery World

For Battery World, the decision to join our Corporate Solutions was an easy one.

Joining our Corporate Solutions, Battery World now has:

  • Consistent, high-quality printing.
  • Clear and responsive key points of contact with their print partner.
  • Improved local area marketing, with reduced pressure on the in-house marketing team to create and update custom artwork.
  • Seamless access to personalised store print collateral managed via individual Franchise Partner logins.
  • Cost-effective options for both smaller print runs and bulk ordering.
  • Significant Franchise Partner print savings.
  • Consistent branding across the business, with materials that reliably meet brand style guidelines.
  • Clear print and delivery timelines for orders.
  • Local contacts for all Franchise Partners, allowing each Franchise Partner to support local businesses.
  • Expert advice on print materials across a wide range of requirements.

Battery World’s New Partnership

Looking back, the Battery World team wonder why they waited so long to make the switch. Their previous system was time-consuming and challenging to use, while with our Corporate Solutions, they’ve implemented a successful automated solution that has transformed the way they manage their print requirements.

“We had so much inefficiency in our business. Not only was our print costing us time, money and other resources, we also couldn’t grow our brand due to inconsistencies in our marketing collateral.

It’s a very different story now. We have an efficient process, a user-friendly system and a clear partnership model.

If your print house is causing you headaches and pain, talk to us for Corporate Solutions.”

Brian Larsen
Centre Manager
Snap Print Solutions Queen Street, Brisbane

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