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Digital printing services give every business the chance to stand out

Whether you're a startup, freelancer or large enterprise, visit Snap Centres in Canberra for all your digital printing needs, including business cards, flyers and large format posters.

Digital printing solutions

The advent of digital printing has made it cheaper and easier for businesses of all sizes to produce high definition marketing materials in any quantity desired. Laser printers can reproduce any image from the computer on the page in full colour and to a professional standard, using quick-drying toner rather than messy inks and employing colour monitoring to ensure consistency for all printed materials.

Advantages of digital printing

If your printing needs are relatively small, digital printing will always be the most affordable option as you wont need to pay for plates and other materials required for large-scale printing jobs. Digital printing is a very fast process, capable of printing hundreds of pages in just a few minutes, so whether you send us files to print or we help you design business cards and other graphic products, your designs can be printed instantly.

Large format printing

Digital printing is flexible and can accommodate a wide range of page sizes from business cards to brochures, though for large format projects such as posters, window displays or banners for events, Snap also offers offset printing for bespoke page sizes and materials. Offset printing still delivers high definition results and can be a more cost-effective alternative to digital printing if you need to print more than 500 units.

Colours and materials

You could save more money by limiting the number of colours used in your offset printing task, though the cost of digital printing will not be affected no matter how many colours you use. You can also choose from a number of paper types to print your text and graphics onto or bring your own materials to your local Snap Centre, and speak to our experienced technicians about UV-resistant materials and finishing options to make sure your printed designs last.

Contact Snap Centres in the Australian Capital Territory for all enquiries about quality digital printing in Canberra.

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