Snap-Proof your Future

Snap is the most successful print, design and website franchise in the southern hemisphere (for small and medium enterprises)

  • Over 150 Franchises in Australia
  • Services across Print, Design and Websites
  • Over 500,000 clients across the group
  • Turnover of $120 million per annum


Business for Sale Melbourne

Of all the businesses for sale in Melbourne, a Snap franchise could present the most exciting rewards

Buying a business isn't to be taken lightly. So any small business opportunities need to be thoroughly researched before you make a shortlist.

A small business for sale with a proven track record is important. That's why a Snap franchise in Melbourne is worth your consideration.

Snap is one of the oldest and most respected franchise brands in Australia. A franchise for sale that comes with all the benefits of a 100 year old business is rare and a Snap Centre is a small business for sale that is backed by proven success.

Clients trust Snap

You may know Snap as a printing franchise but we're far more than that. Snap offers our wide base of faithful clients something more than print our franchise owners offer their clients an ongoing relationship with someone who really knows and cares about their business.

Certainly, clients can turn to Snap for a wide range of products and services, including all print-based needs.

But our offerings are expanding, and include:

  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • eNewsletters
  • Stationery design and printing
  • Business cards
  • Brochures, flyers and catalogues
  • Posters and banners
  • Mobile apps
  • QR Codes
  • Custom mobile websites
  • eBooks/ePublications
  • and much, much more

Our clients love the fact that they can have one point of contact for all of their marketing needs, whether it's print, design or websites. With Snap, you have the ability to do it all and then some.

What can you expect as a Snap franchisee?

Our award-winning training program is recognised as one of the best in the world. Provided in a variety of methods, including workshopa, online and one-on-one training, our method ensures that you'll be ready to roll on day one. You won't be buying a small business and then left on your own. 

You'll learn everything you need to run the business, including:

  • Management and operations
  • Organisational set up
  • Standard franchisee requirements
  • How to recruit the best people
  • Production
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Financial control

But it doesn't stop there. You'll have ongoing support from our dedicated franchise team. Continuing learning occurs on a regular basis, including via webinars, workshops and road shows.

Our peer-to-peer support is second to none. You'll regularly have the chance to swap ideas with other franchisees either online, on the phone or face-to-face. Incentive Programs, Awards Nights and other team-building initiatives are all designed to help to you build the success of your Snap Centre.

You'll also be supported by a range of programs, including:

  • Regular national marketing campaigns
  • Local area marketing campaigns
  • An active communications network
  • Conferences and Awards Nights
  • Comprehensive Snap extranet

What makes a Snap franchisee?

You don't need any experience in printing or online you'll generate business sales just by having a desire to help your clients. Most importantly, a successful Snap franchisee is a real 'people-person'.

The assets that will make your Snap Centre thrive include:

  • A 'can-do' attitude
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • The ability to create lasting relationships
  • Being able to solve problems creatively
  • A thirst for knowledge
  • The willingness to learn new skills

What's in it for you?

Besides financial rewards, Snap can offer a range of benefits including:

  • Weekends free we work when our clients work, Monday to Friday
  • The ability to grow at your own pace
  • Support from an established team
  • Flexibility you're not just stuck behind a counter or in an office

Are you ready?

At Snap, we tell our clients that we can help them 'Build their business starting now'. So, are you ready to buy a business that will help build a future for you and your family starting now? Then call us on 1300-810-233 or enquire here.

Franchisee Support

If you're considering buying a small business, a Snap franchise could be right for you.

Owning a Snap franchise is more than just a job; it's one of the only 8:30am-5pm franchise business opportunities that will work seamlessly with your lifestyle. When it comes to Snap, people are what matter. The key to Snap's enduring success is that we are good people to work with.

Caring about people, whether it's our Franchisees, our Suppliers, our employees or our Group's SME clients, is at the heart of our business and we offer our franchisees the highest levels of ongoing training and support.

Take advantage of our current small business opportunities and become part of the Snap franchise family. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with the best in print and design technology to build your business
  • Remain one step ahead of the latest industry trends with new business ideas
  • Access the input of the most experienced minds in the industry
  • Leverage a powerful and recognised brand
  • Capitalise on a proven business model to drive business sales
  • Receive strong support to help with business establishment, corporate sales, operational effectiveness, IT support, induction and ongoing training, branding and local area marketing
  • Create a saleable asset

Start Your Journey with Snap Franchising Today

We understand that the decision to buy a business is big, but Snap's proven track record and credible reputation in delivering high-quality, high-value print, web and design services means that you can choose to invest in the Snap brand with confidence.

Under the direction of a strong management, we will continue to be progressive; to push the boundaries in our profession, and pave the way forward for our industry.

We invite you to join us on our journey. Take the first step towards buying a business today by filling out our enquiry form, or by browsing our site for business opportunities in Australia and small businesses for sale at selected locations. Contact us to find a franchise for sale in your area.


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