Treat your business (and your clients) with these Top 10 personalised Christmas marketing ideas.

Written on the 27 October 2015 by Snap Marketing

We all know kids love Christmas, but Snap's Personalised Print ideas could be the gift that keeps on giving:

1. Personalised Christmas Cards. No, Christmas cards aren't a new idea, but your clients will always take much more notice when they receive a Christmas card personalised with their name on the card.  That's the card they will show their friends and colleagues, or even decide to put aside as a keepsake.

2. Personalised Calendars. Here's your opportunity to be top of mind all year 'round. A great calendar, personalised with your client's name, will ensure your business is always on the tip of their tongue. And, you can be sure they will want to show it off whenever they have an opportunity.

3. Personalised Gift Cards. What's there not to like? Everybody can appreciate a free gift and, if you run a retail business, this is your chance to make a name for yourself during the festive season.

4. Personalised Invitations. An invitation means so much more if it has your client's name on it.  Send a personalised invite to a Christmas party or perhaps organise a special event to bring attention to your services. Either way, you can make a memorable impression.

5. Personalised Gift Tags. It's Christmas, but it's still business, right? So, if you want to be sure your client, or potential client pays attention to your Christmas gift, make it really personal with a gift tag and their name printed on it. Best of all, we print the names on every gift, so you don't have to write them for hour upon hour.

6. Personalised Invitation To Your Loyalty Program. Loyalty is far more likely when it arrives with the client's name professionally printed on the front. It says you bothered to check who they are and send them something valuable. You can't put a price on loyalty.

7. Personalised Invitations To Your Christmas Sale. If you want to be sure your special Christmas Sale gets the attention it deserves, just ask Snap to personalise the invitations to make sure your customers feel extra special.

8. Personalised Christmas Newsletter. Your Christmas messages mean a lot more when they arrive addressed to Tom, Sue, or Grieg, rather than to 'The Business Owner.'

9. Personalised Letter or Postcard. If you have special information about your business that you'd like your clients to know about, a personalised letter or card will have a lot more impact.

10. Personalised Festive Direct Marketing. It's a special time of the year and Snap makes it easy to customise your holiday season direct marketing campaign with variable text and graphics, so it's looks fresh and new whenever your clients see them.

Tis the season to give something personal to your clients and reap the rewards during the new year.


Author:Snap Marketing
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