The culture of franchises

Written on the 25 October 2013

Buying into a franchise is a great way to get a head start in the business world without the risks involved in establishing your own company. Franchises emphasise networking and support, which sets them apart and contributes to their strong brand culture.

What makes franchises different?

Running a franchise unit is like running your own business in many ways, with some key differences. Franchises benefit from:

  • Proven business models
  • Established brand recognition
  • National marketing
  • Ongoing training and support services

As a franchisee, you are joining a larger network of local franchise operators throughout Australia and beyond, with many opportunities to seek advice, share ideas and collaborate towards mutually beneficial goals.

Getting started

Even if you dont have prior experience running a business or working in the industry, youll receive all the training necessary when you join a successful franchise. Like any business, buying into a franchise requires initial investment in the form of a franchise fee and overheads, but the financial risk is minimal compared to starting out on your own, and you can speak to representatives about finance options available.

Networking with franchisees

All franchisees are assigned territories by their franchise company in which their local business will operate, but meeting with other franchisees in neighbouring territories is encouraged to facilitate idea sharing and discussions. Franchisees are required to respect these boundaries and not impinge on those of others by searching for clients or promoting services outside their own territories.

Support services

Even if you have years of business experience behind you, training can always be useful for honing existing skills and building new ones. Ongoing training and development is at the core of many franchises, ensuring that local franchise operators and their employees are always up to speed with the latest developments in the company and the wider industry. Franchise field advisors will also be on hand to assist with any problems and to lend emotional support and encouragement if needed.

If youre ready to get started in franchising and join an established team, contact Snap to franchise with us.


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