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Websites to make you a smarter business owner

Posted by Snap Marketing on 17 April 2014
It's easy to spend hours trawling the web, so why not use the time to improve your business? Discover the inspirational and informative sites that can help fine-tune your instincts and make you a smarter business owner. Optimise your time online with our pick of the best sites for boosting your business brain. TED Founded in 1984, TED has grown from a small, local event to a massive collection of fantastic conferences taking place all over the world. Best of all, videos, trans...

Top four free apps to make you more productive

Posted by Snap Marketing on 15 April 2014
Short of hiring a personal assistant, these four apps are the best way to get organised and send your productivity soaring. And, like the best things in life, they’re all free. The list maker: Any.do The two major drawcards of this otherwise fairly simple list-making and task-management app are its unique ‘Any.do Moment’ feature that helps you plan your day with ease. It’s also able to set reminders based on your location, so you’ll never forget a...

What you need to know about big data

Posted by Snap Marketing on 10 April 2014
What you need to know about big data
Over the past couple of years, the term ‘big data’ has had a major impact on the marketing world with pages upon pages of content being created about it. Amongst all the noise, here’s what you really need to know… What is it? Technically, big data is the term we use for a collection of data sets so large that traditional applications (like Excel) struggle to process them. As the term has been bandied around, however, it has come to have a much broader defin...

Easy ways to optimise video content

Posted by Snap Marketing on 8 April 2014
Easy ways to optimise video content
We know online video is one of the best ways to keep your readers engaged, increase time on site and show (rather than tell) your message. So now that you’ve created your video, how do you find the viewers? Follow these simple optimisation tips to ensure your hard work pays off. Host it on your site Whether on your blog, in a widget on your homepage or on a dedicated product page, be sure to host your video on your site so existing clients – and anyone who stumbles upon...
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Asking the right questions

Posted by Snap Marketing on 3 April 2014
Asking the right questions
If you’re not closing as many sales as you’d like, it could all boil down to the type of questions you’re asking. Try some of these sales-leading queries to start scoring more sales without pressuring your client. Which qualities in this product or service are most important to you? Once you have an idea of what your client wants, find out what about the product or service is really important to them. Some people may be completely budget focused, while other...
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