The Future of Your Website

Posted by Snap Marketing on 9 February 2016

Do you need to upgrade your website?

Snap can help your business build a webiste from scratch, make minor adjustments or overhaul an existing site. Follow this step-by-step guide or for more information, contact your local Snap Centre.


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Keep your business balanced in 2016 with print marketing

Posted by Snap Marketing on 25 January 2016
Keep your business balanced in 2016 with print marketing

Online marketing rules the realm these days

In 2016, platforms such as Google and Facebook are exciting and modern options when it comes to promoting your company. Print marketing is often overlooked in the modern advertising arena, but it shouldn't be ignored.

Print marketing remains one of the most effective ways to promote your business. When considering whether to invest in print marketing, keep in mind the following points.

1. Print marketing differentiates you

Most businesses today turn to digital marketing for promotion. For this reason alone, print marketing is enticing because it has become a unique platform. Placing an ad in print therefore makes a business stand out from the monotony of 2016's usual advertising mix.

2. Print marketing is more tangible than digital marketing

Placing an advert in a magazine or newspaper is a great way to engage audiences because they're able to hold the ad in their hands instead of looking at it through a computer screen. The marketing material is tangible, staring back at them, and it gives audiences a more comprehensive viewing experience. Additionally, print collateral often stays on coffee tables and counters for weeks at a time  - giving businesses a valuable return on investment.

3. Print marketing reaches different audiences

Even with all the technical gadgets available to consumers, not everyone is on the same level when it comes to the internet. Some audiences (mainly older generations who did not grow up with the digital marvels of recent decades) are only contactable through offline means. Therefore, businesses must always consider their target demographic before devising an integrated marketing strategy.

4. Print marketing builds brand recognition

It's essential to have a diverse marketing mix in order to produce the most successful campaign. Print marketing, in tandem with digital marketing, is an excellent opportunity to further solidify your message and circulate your brand. Don't be shy - put your business out there and take advantage of every possible marketing opportunity.

These tips will help on your journey to mastering your next promotional campaign. Consider traditional print marketing to add a new and exciting twist to your marketing mix.

Contact your local Snap Centre for more information.


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Could location-based marketing be your key to business success in 2016?

Posted by Snap Marketing on 12 January 2016
Could location-based marketing be your key to business success in 2016?

It's 2016 and location-based marketing is a buzzword in the digital realm

Digital Market Asia reports that location-based marketing presents "the greatest opportunity to the digital marketing sector in the Asia-Pacific region for 2016". This hot topic is on the minds of every savvy marketer, and in 2016 we'll see it really blossom. So how can businesses take full advantage of the exciting opportunities location-based marketing offers?

What is location-based marketing?

Location-based marketing uses real-time location data gathered from users' smartphones to target audiences based on their location. It is the peak of tailor-made marketing and offers business owners and marketers a practical and comprehensive mode of advertising. Business Review USA describes the technique as "giving customers the best possible all-around experience, as the content that's delivered is contextually and geographically relevant, personalised and delivered at the opportune time".

There's no excuse for not using this form of advertising, and these steps will help ensure you are utilising location-based marketing to the full.

1. Create valuable offers that are universally appealing

Location-based marketing provides a whole new world to benefit from, but it's all for nothing if your offers aren't enticing enough. The point here is to capture the interest of those in your vicinity and give them a reason to purchase. Ensure your offers are too good to ignore. It will be worth it in the end.

2. Use in moderation

Location-based marketing is a powerful tool, but like everything it should be used wisely. Don't overwhelm consumers with ad after ad, offer after offer it's more likely to generate irritation than the sales leads you're hoping for. This mode of advertising also has the potential to cause privacy concerns, so bear this in mind.

3. Keep testing and improving

Like all areas of a marketing campaign, location-based marketing should remain responsive. Test and see what works, and make sure you're constantly evaluating and re-evaluating to keep your marketing campaign as effective as possible.

4. Keep employees informed

The offers you're providing consumers must be implemented properly and your employees made aware of how to use them. They should be seamlessly integrated into business operations and not cause the consumer any unwanted hassle.

2016 offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for marketers, and location-based marketing is at the very top! Follow the above simple steps to ensure your campaign is the best it can be.

Contact your local Snap Centre today for help with your localised marketing.


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Five ways to prepare your business for the new year

Posted by Snap Marketing on 21 December 2015
Five ways to prepare your business for the new year

Is your business prepared for 2016?

With the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to take stock and start making plans for 2016. Here are five ways you can whip your business into shape.

1. Rework your business strategy

Every small business needs a strong business strategy if it wants to thrive, but how long has it been since you last sat down and looked at yours? A strong, relevant strategy can yield great growth for small businesses, while out-of-date and irrelevant ones can lead to false starts and wasted opportunities.

Tip: Spend some time examining your existing strategy and work out whether it's still in line with your current business goals and challenges.

2. Recruit strong players

To find the kind of talent that can help your small business succeed in the coming year, you need to make sure you're taking full advantage of your advertising options. Strong candidates can be hard to recruit, so if you want to reach the right market in 2016, you need to start planning your advertising options now.

Tip: Create a cohesive job description to use across all channels to target the kind of talent your business needs.

3. Examine innovations

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it's worth setting aside a little time to assess the innovations out there. For all you know, the latest, greatest time-saver could be just around the corner and if it is, you want your business to be the early adopter that has it.

Tip: Investigate new apps, hardware and connected devices that could make a real difference to the way you do businesses.

4. Look back, then forward

There's no time like the present, so take a moment to evaluate your business and its recent successes and failures. Where have you gone wrong during the last 12 months? Are there any areas you've excelled in? Look carefully at your figures and turn your good and bad experiences into learning aids for the future.

Tip: Revisit all the challenges you faced last year and use them to help you avoid potential pitfalls in the coming 12 months.

5. Revitalise your website

Keep clients engaged and give them something new to look at by meeting the new year with a revitalised business website. You should already be regularly checking your site for dead links and out-of-date information, but now is the perfect time to dig a little deeper and give your site a refresh that will drive more business.

Tip: Create a new colour scheme, add new images, look at seasonal deals and offers, and refresh your online content to ensure it's the best it can be.

Ready to improve your website for 2016? Contact your local Snap Centre.

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How to capture emotions with colours

Posted by Snap Marketing on 7 December 2015
How to capture emotions with colours

Colour is powerful

Colour has the ability to make you feel. Colour can provoke an emotional response from those who view it. The colours you choose for your business website and marketing collateral become part of your brand's identity and It's essential that the colour palette you use is as appealing as possible.

So how can you ensure the colours in your web design are the most effective? We thought you'd never ask!

The psychology of colour

Colour psychology is the study of colours and the different reactions they stimulate. For example, the colour blue is proven to be calming and relaxing, whereas red evokes excitement or intensity. Green often found in nature symbolises tranquility, while yellow represents optimism and happiness. These are things to keep in mind when designing your website. Colour has the power to convey your message without using words. The visitor will be emotionally prompted simply by viewing your site.

Your website is your digital storefront and should be as inviting as possible, drawing the user in and making it a place that's enjoyable to look at. Just as your physical store should have professional, colour-coordinated interiors, so too should your online webpages. When building a website, it's important to decide on an appropriate colour scheme. This scheme, or palette, should utilise colours that work in harmony with one another.

Colour harmony

Colour harmony will engage the viewer, and is usually accomplished by using complementary colours, such as a colour scheme based on nature, or a colour scheme based on parallel colours. Avoid clashing colours that are known to be unfavourable when combined, such as yellow and brown. Many web development tools have pre-made colour palettes that will create easy design harmony, and are especially helpful to those less experienced.

Know your audience

Attracting the right clients means knowing your audience. It sounds contradictory, but designs, colours and images that will appeal to your intended audience can increase your actual audience. Think about it would fierce reds, intense blues and blacks attract the right audience to an online baby boutique?

There is an art to all matters of web design, and colour coordination is no exception. If you want to make the most of your website, it's essential to utilise the most beneficial colours.

Contact Snap for even more tips on effectively marketing your brand, and all the tools you need to do so.


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