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An essential guide to community building

Posted by Snap Marketing on 18 December 2014
An essential guide to community building
Building a community around your business is one of the most valuable things you can do for it but it's easier said than done. Discover our top tips for creating a community from scratch or integrating a business into a pre-existing one. Find ways to connect with the right communities As a business owner, you should have a firm idea of the kind of demographic your business appeals to. Armed with this information, you can search for local associations, online forums and social m...
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Website design ideas-ultimate eCommerce web design checklist

Posted by Snap Marketing on 10 December 2014
Website design ideas-ultimate eCommerce web design checklist
Widen the scope of your target market by creating an eCommerce site that attracts and engages with all types of shoppers. Good web design is incredibly important for eCommerce sites. Without it, businesses run the risk of losing potential shoppers at the first hurdle. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, there are five types of shoppers: product focused, browsers, researchers, bargain hunters and one-time shoppers. We've put together a checklist to help you create a site that...
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Creating a cohesive marketing plan with a client

Posted by Snap Marketing on 8 December 2014
Creating a cohesive marketing plan with a client
Help your clients enhance their brand awareness with our advice for creating cohesive marketing plans. All too often, businesses launch marketing campaigns without putting in the preparation required or setting goals. Give your clients some valuable advice that will help them choose the ideal marketing strategy to fit with their products and services. The four Ps of marketing There are four key elements your client needs to keep in mind when devising a marketing plan: product, ...
Posted in: business planning local area marketing marketing products marketing brand awareness   Comments

Selecting website compatible images

Posted by Snap Marketing on 2 December 2014
Selecting website compatible images
Images can make up a large part of a website and transform it aesthetically. However, poorly chosen ones can get a site owner or company into a lot of trouble with legal authorities and in terms of user experience. Reasons for image use Many people feel that images are vital for websites and without them a page would feel empty. Research using eye-tracking recorders shows that while images can be extremely useful especially on product pages generic pictures that are little more tha...
Posted in: graphic design website marketing brand online design   Comments

Recommendations for budget-conscious, savvy marketing

Posted by Snap Marketing on 27 November 2014
Recommendations for budget-conscious, savvy marketing
Make the most of your budget with some top marketing collateral tips from savvy business owners. Invest in business cards You never know when you might meet someone who is interested in the services your business offers. Create simple, stylish and effective business cards and be sure to always keep some on you. Business cards can be a very cost-effective way of making connections with potential clients, and by handing over a well-designed card you’re giving someone a personal...
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