Standard Business Cards


Standard business cards are a must for every organisation

When starting a business, you just need three things; an idea, a name and a business card. Standard Business Cards are the first thing that companies print, and nobody in Australia has printed more business cards than Snap.

What is a standard business card?

Today, there is no limit to what a card can be; colours, sizes, shapes, design and feel are all different variables.

Typically a standard business card is as follows:

  • Standard size. 9cm x 5.5cm
  • Colour. The most popular is the white or cream of the paper stock it is printed on.
  • Shape. Rectangular rather than rounded or die cut.
  • Aspect. Landscape as opposed to portrait.
  • Single sided. The very basic information; company name, person, title and contact details.
  • Non-coated. No varnishes or embossing.

The specialists

If you want something a little special, ask your local Snap Centre what they can do for you. From basic to premium, we'll ensure your card represents your business.

If you use business cards a lot, taking the quality up a level could be the best business decision you've made.

Contact your local Snap Centre to find out more.

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