Payment Gateways

Snap supports a range of payment gateways for online transactions

Choosing a payment gateway for your website, shopping cart, event bookings or membership renewals  can be a daunting task. Snap's software integrates with so many that it can be hard to choose one. The following is a small summary of the payment gateways that Snap supports. 

The gateways can be broken up into two main types:

1. Where the payment takes place on a third party website (offsite gateways):

This is a good option if you are just starting out in the world of online sales, as an offsite gateway is typically easier to set up and costs less, however it does offer less functionality than onsite gateways. There are also some technical disadvantages to them as it can be hard for our software to know the status of any order if the user leaves the process before coming back to your site.

2. Where the payment takes place on your website (onsite gateways):

This is a good option if you believe the volume of transactions on your website will be high. You will typically also need to setup a merchant account with your bank, and your bank will need to support your chosen gateway.  Additionally because the transaction happens on your site, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate to encrypt all information sent from your site to our servers. It can appear more professional than the third party option and is typically more expensive.

Here are some of the gateways our Shopping Cart, Events Manager and Membership Manager supports.  Please ask your Internet Consultant for more information when we are building your site.

Offsite Payment Gateways:

Onsite Payment Gateways

For more information about collecting payments online, contact your local Snap Centre.

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