Mobile Websites

Website traffic is going mobile

As a business, your website cannot afford to be unfriendly to mobile devices any longer. Dedicating a separate website, with finger friendly features, such as push buttons, search functions and easy zoom images can create a web environment to maximise your business potential.

A mobile website creates:

  • Better user-experience
  • Faster loading times
  • Simple navigation
  • Great usability
  • Increased click response

Mobile websites account for approximately 50 per cent of M-Commerce traffic, and this is only growing, with over 1.2 billion mobile internet users worldwide. Take a minute to think about the opportunity for your business, putting your website in the hands of those putting money in yours.

Focusing on your target audience has never been easier, with mobile sites offering a tailored approach, with icons, buttons and content available to your specifications. The human brain can help explain why some websites work so well, as everybody has needs and wants.

Discover how to convert more clients, by creating a website worthy of their handheld screen time. To see some of our recent website designs click here.

To take advantage of this opportunity and contact your local snap Centre for your free online website consultation.

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