Display stands Vs pull up banners

Display Solutions/Stands

  • Slightly more expensive
  • More permanent use and continued reuse purposes
  • Can be up and running in 3- 5 minutes
  • Fully stretched and never curls
  • Single and double sided graphics are the same weight 4.5kg
  • Modular; can be integrated with other sections to create new display solutions
  • Requires minimum 3-5 working days for production
  • Accessories could be added such as TV, brochure holder
  • No spring mechanism means less likely to go wrong

Pull up banners

  • Cheaper option
  • Suitable for single/short-term use
  • Can be up and running in 2 minutes
  • May curl at the edges
  • Relatively heavy when double sided
  • Cannot be integrated with other stands to create various sizes and configurations
  • Can be produced within 1-2 working days
  • No accessories can be added, no TV or brochure holder
  • Spring mechanism
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