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Targeted direct marketing for better results

You've probably heard of direct mail, it's a term that's been around for decades. For the most part, it simply means sending mail addressed to a person by name. Every time you send a letter or even an invoice to your clients, you are practising direct mail.

Direct marketing, however, is different

It's sending a personalised letter, brochure, postcard or flyer to an individual on your database with an 'offer' or a reason for your clients to visit, call, send an email or go to your website. A well-crafted direct marketing piece that uses personalised data (also known as variable data) and has a compelling offer will attract attention and action. It's a cost-effective means of marketing your business because you are in control of who receives the offer, how many you send and when.

At Snap, we can help a business to get the most out of their database through personalised designs for marketing campaigns. Our personalised printing capabilities, coupled with our long history as printers, means we have the know-how and expertise to manage all your direct marketing requirements with ease.

We can help you to take direct marketing to a whole new level by personalising your traditional mail and email campaigns. We have the technology to include personalisation in the body text or image of your direct mail piece or email, creating something unique to send to your customers.

Research shows that personalising your direct marketing works, with campaign response rates achieved up to 15 times higher than traditional unaddressed mass mailing methods.

Talk to your local Snap Centre today about what we can do to help you get personal with your customers.

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