The digital solution for your reports

Snap has created a brilliant brochure for you, and the response has been fantastic. But did you know there are added ways you can use a brochure or printed document, such as creating an ePublication?

Our ePublications open the door to a world of possibilities, captivating your target audience with a new format for viewing your promotional materials, training guides and marketing communications.


  • Engage your audience to explore, click, see and listen.
  • Maintain original quality of the printed document.
  • Are uniquely viewable online.
  • Can be transported in unlimited quantities.
  • Can integrate rich media content such as videos and URL links.

ePublications can be created for any printed document brochures, flyers, reports, training manuals.

Whatever you need, just ask your local Snap Centre today and we can demonstrate the possibilities for you for free.



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