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Who do you trust to design your website? 

Everyone's nephew, brother's best friend or son of the next-door neighbour knows how to design websites or so they say. 

But we've all heard the stories as well someone has a website designed and built for their business. Something goes wrong with the site however, the designer has long disappeared and there's absolutely nothing that you can do.

Then there's the 'free, online design your own site' software. 10 months later you're pulling your hair out that it's still not working.

That's why it's wise to ensure your website design and development is done by a reputable company that works for a price you can afford.

What do you want in a website design?

Everyone is different, but the basic needs are:

  • A design that represents your brand
  • A site that's easy for clients and potential clients to use
  • Important information: your phone number, address and point of difference need to be easy to find
  • If you need to add or update information, it should be so easy, even you can do it
  • If there's a problem, you need someone you can trust to help you correct it

Professional website design that small businesses can afford

Your local Snap Centre can design websites for every size business. And because Snap has been around for 100+ years, you know you're in good hands, now and in the future.

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