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Design fads come and go, but cool website designs are always in style. What's cool now? Snap knows. Our professional graphic designers keep a keen eye on all the latest website design trends in both form and function.


Your website is your new shop front. Which would you choose to step into a store that has a tatty, old-fashioned sign, broken doorknob and unwashed windows?
A new-look a few doors down the same type of shop, but the sign is new and stylish. That handle on the door, it's so effortless to use. Everything about the shop just calls you to go in.

Inside, both shops have exactly the same merchandise. Chances are, the disheveled one will be going out of business because the other one is far more appealing to look at. You want to be the shop everyone walks into. That's why you want a website with a cool design.


A website may look great, but does it work seamlessly for the user? Usability design (sometimes called UX design by the industry) is a design discipline that can't be ignored in today's world.

Let's go back to the shop analogy. The tatty shop sticks its products on a shelf that's difficult to get to. Price tags are too small. The person behind the counter doesn't even look as though they want to serve you.

The next shop is beautifully laid out everything is within easy reach. Product descriptions are clear and the shopkeeper is smiling at you and saying 'if you need any help, I'm right here'. Now that's a pleasant shopping experience.

What our designers can do for you

The word 'cool' can be polarising 'I'm an accountant, I don't want to look 'cool'!"

So, think appealing. Professional. Pleasant. Modern. Easy to use. Our graphic designers know exactly how to make your website work for YOUR business. Once your website is live you can add a number of features, edit and add to it yourself.

So take a look at your website then call your local Snap Centre, who will help build your business.

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