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Why good copy counts

Published: 7 March 2013

The pen is mightier

Whether you're writing reports, blogs, newsletters or advertising copy, stringing together a smart and snappy sentence can make all the difference to how you communicate with your clients. Here are a few principles for writing copy that sells.

Know your audience

Don't fake it. Do your research and get a good understanding of who you're writing for, how they see the world and what they want. Knowing your target audience inside out means you can truly speak their language.

Head first

Beautifully crafted copy is nothing without a great headline. We're a population of scanners, so focus on getting this tricky one-liner right in order to grab eyes. The key is leading with a distinct benefit yet keeping your word count lean. Look at past headlines that have worked for you and test out which words are prompting the most conversions.

Get to the point

Cute and clever copy has its time and place, however truly effective sales copy makes its point immediately. One glance is about all you're going to get, so hook your audience with big benefits and a clear call to action. Look at any great sales copy and you'll find a concise simplicity behind the message.

Talk straight

Clients will smell a pitch from a mile away, and today's online platforms just don't lend themselves to the old sales speak. Positioning yourself on equal footing and treating your clients with respect are invaluable starting points for any conversation.

Commit to the copy  

Good copy takes time and practise. Too often businesses will rush their copy simply to get the message out. For real results, take your time and get that critical combination of words right the first time around.

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