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Deciding to rebrand

Published: 13 March 2014
Deciding to rebrand

Feel like your business needs a change?

Perhaps you're considering completely reinventing your brand? Before diving into the deep end, here are some considerations to help determine whether your business is in need of a refresh or complete head-to-toe rebrand.


Rebranding involves completely overhauling a company's visual identity. Businesses often decide to rebrand if they want to reposition their company in the market, if the old identity has connotations they want to shed (e.g. if the business has new owners) or in preparation for a period of expansion.

When choosing to rebrand, it's important to weigh up both the risks and rewards. Consider how extensive the rebranding process will be. Will you change the company name? Will the visual identity and logo be overhauled? The greater the change, the greater the risks involved.

Rebranding can offer you a valuable opportunity to pique new client interest. However, there is always the risk of alienating or confusing your loyal clients if you don't proceed with caution. The most important element to understand is what keeps your clients coming back.

Brand refresh

A brand refresh involves maintaining continuity between the old identity and the revised one, while at the same time enlivening and modernising it. This may involve changing the font, revamping the typeface, refreshing the colour or changing the icon on your logo.

Before you begin, consider how long you've had the same business brand and logo. Businesses and their services change over the years, so it's important that your logo showcases the current products and services you offer.

Refreshing is a good approach if the old brand identity still fits your business but is beginning to look a little stale. Subtle changes to your brand show your clients that you are still the same business, but just have a newer, more improved look.

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