ePublishing is the way to go

Written on the 27 May 2015 by Snap Marketing

A whole new world of possibilities

The whole concept of publishing has been turned upside down by the Internet instant information is now accessible from one source (your computer, laptop, tablet or phone). Information is power. And for businesses such as yours, it means communicating directly with your clients and potential clients.

Take ePublications years ago, you would write out the words, send it to a finished artist who would set the type, send it to a printer who would then take days or weeks to finalise the project, send a courier to pick up the printed documents and then send it out again to clients and potential clients. It's exhausting to even think about.

Today, ePublishing means instant communications and instant actions.

Start with an idea - any idea

The wonderful thing about producing an ePublication is that there are no limits. Here are a few of the ePublishing options:

  • Books
  • Catalogues
  • White papers
  • Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Guides
  • Sales promotions
  • Annuals
  • Company reports
  • Specification sheets
  • Directories
  • Portfolios

Brilliant for business

'But,' you say, 'I'm a small business, how is this relevant to me?' Whatever the size of your company, it's never been more important to look the part. You need to demonstrate that you keep abreast of new technology - professionalism is part of your brand.

If you're producing a digital version of a printed original, you can rely on Snap to ensure the colour, sharpness, clarity and quality of the original publication.

Most importantly, ePublishing is fast, economical and highly adaptable - you don't have to be limited by publishing deadlines or worry about updates; you can edit at any time.

Take your business ideas to the next level

What makes an ePublication so exciting for smaller businesses is that it's so versatile, especially when you want to squeeze the most out of your marketing budget.

For example, when you're producing a digital communication, you can:
  • add links to your website
  • add links to other websites
  • embed videos
  • embed music
  • add fast search capabilities
  • edit in an instant.

Another way ePublishing provides unequalled opportunities to maximise your potential at minimal cost is to organise live online conversations with your clients or potential customers, promote online enquiries or conduct online surveys.

Even better, ePublications offer 24 hour tracking and reporting, so you'll know exactly how hard your marketing dollar is working for you and when.

Talk to Snap about your next project

While Snap is famous for printing - after all, we began in 1899 - it's only natural that we were among the first to embrace the exciting world of ePublishing.

Snap know all there is to know about making the most of your next ePublishing project, so if you want to make sure it's a success, just give us a call, tell us your thoughts and let us make it happen.


Author:Snap Marketing
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