Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and your business

Written on the 2 January 2013 by Snap Marketing

If you're a young childless professional but have been sent marketing material for retirement homes or baby nappy offers, you'll perhaps have been frustrated at the lack of knowledge a business appears to hold on you. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) aims to avoid situations like this and tailor marketing strategies, brand programs and services on a more individual basis.

What is it?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term used for the methods, usually software and internet-based, that help companies manage client relationships in an organised and methodical way. This is usually done through details about the client being entered into a database available to management, sales teams and sometimes even the client themselves to capture information such as what products they purchase, when their products expire or what price plans they prefer.

How it works

CRM is increasingly carried out via online capabilities. However, there are many software packages available, as well as the more traditional methodologies such as recordkeeping.

Once captured, data regarding each individual client is reviewed to enable businesses to identify and target key clients, to direct marketing campaigns to the relevant audiences and to save time spent by sales departments in generating leads. CRM also identifies loyal or high-spending clients, offering the business the chance to reward them and encourage brand loyalty.

The benefits

One of the most obvious benefits of CRM is that it allows businesses to understand more about what their clients want. By understanding the needs of the client, businesses can then begin to build relationships that are relevant and mutually beneficial.

The information on CRM can be shared with multiple employees from different divisions within the business, enabling them to approach the client and their needs from various angles. Existing processes can be sped up and made more efficient, offering the business the opportunity to maximise profits while their clients benefit from a more bespoke service. And sometimes its just the little things ever received a birthday card from your hairdresser or a Christmas card from your favourite grocer? Thats CRM in action.

Is it right for my business?

The use of CRM and the benefits it will bring to you or your clients largely depends on the nature of your business. For businesses that aim to build a long term relationship with their clients, it is an invaluable tool that will enable you to better tailor your offerings to your clients, minimise inconvenience and thank clients for brand loyalty.

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