Are you a business leader?

Written on the 25 October 2013

Whether you're starting your own business or buying into a franchise, leadership qualities are crucial for success. If you think you've got what it takes to lead a business and inspire others, franchising could be a perfect fit for your personality.

Leadership qualities

Not everyone is cut out to be a leader, which is an active commitment and not just a job title. Leadership qualities such as self-confidence, a knack for strategic planning and the ability to lead others by example may be inherent in some people to an extent, but these skills will also need to be developed through conscious effort. If you are prepared to make this ongoing commitment to develop your skills, you could make a successful business leader.

Leading a franchise

Franchises are growing in popularity as an opportunity for people to take control of their livelihoods and manage a local business. When you buy into a thriving franchise, you can significantly lower the risk and expense involved in setting up your own business and youll have access to support services as part of a larger team. However, the day-to-day running of the business and responsibility for success will still be on your shoulders.

Managing your schedule

One of the perks of being a business leader is that youll have the freedom to set your own hours. Whether you prefer a flexible schedule or the comfort of a weekly routine, there are franchises to suit your lifestyle. Buying into a franchise that deals with business-to-business clients (B2B) will usually keep your weekends and evenings free as business is conducted in the regular Monday-to-Friday working week.

Hiring personnel

Whatever size of business you operate, recruiting employees will be a necessary consideration and requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. You may also need to learn how to assess suitable candidates for a variety of jobs, taking into account factors like education, skills and cultural fit.

Support and networking

A good business leader also knows when to listen to constructive criticism, and franchises benefit from strong support networks offering advice and regular performance assessments. Your franchisor may also arrange meetings between local franchisees in your region, which can be the perfect places to share ideas and make valuable contacts.

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