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Australia Post is a reliable and effective delivery solution that can support Snap in providing essential marketing services to small businesses across Australia.

Benefits of letterbox advertising with Australia Post:

1. More reach: Australia Post gives you access to approximately 8.6 million letterboxes including the advantages:

  • Metropolitan, regional and rural addresses
  • Letterboxes behind secure doors (such as flats, units and apartments)
  • Over 700,000 private and business post office boxes

2. More cut-through: 

  • Being delivered with the regular mail means your catalogue or flyer is more likely to be taken into the house and read
  • In fact, 83% of people take catalogues, flyers and brochures they receive with normal addessed mail into the house*
  • Catalogues drive purchases. In the last 12 months, 42% of Australians purchased something as a result of receiving letterbox advertising*

3. More reliability:

  • All material is reliably delivered by Australia Post's professional delivery network
  • Our delivery data is regularly updated to ensure it's accurate. This helps you reduce advertising waste by printing only the quantities you need

Size categories

  Small Large
Maximum Weight Up to 50g Up to 100g
Minimum Weight 88 x 138mm -
Maximum Size 130 x 240mm 260 x 360mm
Maximum Thickness 5mm 20mm
Shape Rectangular Rectangular


Letterbox advertising material is delivered using Australia Post's unaddressed mail. Irregular shapes (eg. square, circle or die-cut) and sizes require approval.

For more information about Unaddressed Mail please visit

*Better Connections: How letterbox advertising engages and drives purchasing behaviour, Australia Post. October 2014.


Australia Post and StarTrack have come toegther to create a leading parcels and logistics network for Australian business.

Together they can support Snap and its clients with a range of parcel, freight and express courier solutions.

To your door, to your client's door - you will receive a professional and reliable service within Australia and overseas.

Unrivalled network

  • 11.3 million delivery points across Australia
  • 20,000 customer access points
  • Number two trusted brand in Australia
  • B2C and B2B capability both locally and globally

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